Saturday, July 19, 2014

Josh Does My Interview!

Josh from Narrabeen is the first to participate in my interview. I had a lot of fun reading his answers, and I look forward to getting more volunteers! If you want to learn more about Josh, you can visit him at his Twitter page.

Thank you, Josh!

1. What makes you proud to be Australian in a deep and profound way?
Our current government and treatment of asylum seekers and also the carbon tax repeal doesn’t make me very proud at the moment.

2. What makes you proud to be Australian in a corny/cheesy way?
The clich├ęd things like the environment, our easy going ways and so on.

3. What is your favorite Cold Chisel Song?
Flame Trees. Although I can’t say I am much of a fan.

4. Are you slightly annoyed, deeply annoyed, or not annoyed by American Cultural Imperialism?  Whatever answer you choose...what American thing infiltrating Australia annoys you the most? What annoys you the least?  
IT doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

5. Do you like, love, dislike, or hate Vegemite?  How often do you eat it?  Do you ever use it in recipes?
I love it, although I don’t eat it that often.

6. Who is your favorite Australian author?
Peter Carey, Greg Egan for science fiction

7. Who is your favorite Australian science hero?
Howard Florey

(Note: I am asking for one favorite of things, but I won't yell at you if you list more than one favorite)

8. What is your opinion of Ned Kelly?
A bit over rated.

9. What is your favorite topping for Pavlova?
Cream. But trifle is better.

10. What Australian TV shows do you watch? Or which ones did you watch in the past? I don’t watch much TV

11. Australian TV has some pretty tragic (fictional) deaths.  Is there anyone in particular that devastated you?

12. Which of these things about Prime Ministers would you know without consulting Google (or other websites...or books....or the person sitting in the room with you)

a) the first Prime Minister of Australia
b) the second Prime Minister of Australia
c) The Prime Minister that disappeared at sea – Harold Holt
d) The Prime Minister that was in office for only 8 days
e) The Prime Minister that was dismissed from office by the Governor-General – Gough Whitlam

13. What is your Australian music "guilty pleasure"? (I think that's a silly term, but I'm using it anyway).
Mi-Sex, INXS

14. What is your favorite Australian movie?
The Castle

15. Have you ever traveled around Australia in a caravan?  Care to share any stories about that?

16. What is your favorite Australian candy/lolly?
Violet Crumble

17. What is your favorite flavor of Tim Tam?  
The regular one

18. What is your favorite Arnott's biscuit that is not a Tim Tam?
Iced Vovo

19. Who is your favorite Australian sports star?
Mick Fanning

20. Which do you prefer...Peter Garrett the singer or Peter Garrett the politician? 
The Singer

21. Do you have an adorable Australian accent?

22. Do you have a Hills Hoist in your backyard?  Do you use it often?
We have a variation. And yes, it is used every day.

23. Would you rather spend a day with Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, or Katie Richie? 

24. Would you rather go a year without eating Vegemite or have a week where you can eat nothing but meat pies (or veggie pies if you're vegetarian)?
Meat pies, for sure,

25. Where is your favorite place in Australia?
My home, in Narrabeen on the NSW coast

26. What place do you love more, Sydney or Melbourne?

Brisbane or Adelaide?

Perth or Cairns?
Not been there.

Coober Pedy or Broken Hill?
Not been to either

27. What Australian stereotype do you think is the most ridiculous? Are there any you feel that are kind of true?  (Like maybe you DO ride a kangaroo to work, but no one takes you seriously when you try to tell them this).
That we use slang like “flamin;” and so on. No one ever uses those words

28. What dangerous Australian animal (not including humans) scares you the most?   Funnel web spider

29. Would you rather eat fish and chips or fairy bread?
Fish and chips

30. Would you rather eat fish without the chips or chips without the fish? Chips, for sure.

31. If you went to the the Sydney Royal Easter Show (or similar event) would the show bags be the highlight for you, or would you care more about something? Regardless of your answer, if you were to get a show bag, which would you want? 
The classic Bertie Beetle bag.

And...if you could invent your own Show bag, what would the theme be? And what would you put in it? Don’t know. Lots of lollies.