Saturday, July 19, 2014

Move Over Tasmanian Devils

My favorite Australian animal was the Tasmanian Devil.

Now they might have to go down to the second slot.

We just watched an animal show featuring a Thorny Devil.

It was so incredibly adorable. And while watching the show, I felt my inner Veruca Salt wanting to come out. I want a Thorny Devil. Buy me one now!

No, I don't support the exotic pet trade.  

But if someone presented me with a Thorny Devil, all my morals might fall by the wayside.  

I'm looking at Google—about Thorny Devils in captivity. I was curious if anyone does have one as a pet.  What I'm seeing is that even zoos don't usually have Thorny Devils. Now that I think of it...well, it makes sense. I don't think I've ever seen a Thorny Devil at a zoo—not even at the Australian zoos we've been to.  

Now this is disturbing. I tried to get to some website about Thorny Devils at zoos and ended up with some woman's breasts in my face. Somehow I got to a website called Adult Friendfinder.  

I was thinking maybe I accidentally Googled "Horny Devil". But I'm looking at my history, and I'm not seeing that.

I think breasts are beautiful, and I am not against pornography enjoyed by consenting adults. But I can't say I support surprise internet pornography. It disgusts me.  

What I'm thinking is maybe Satan sent the pornography. I just realized my two top favorite Australian animals are devils. What's the deal with that?  

Back to the Thorny (not Horny) devil. This ZooChat website talks about keeping them in captivity. It doesn't seem to often work well. First, they eat specific types of ants—ones that can be found only in Central Australia. And it seems even if those ants are obtained, the Thorny Devil still doesn't often do well.  

Oh...well, now there's another Aussie animal on the TV. The Flying Fox. I used to love those, but then I started associating them with disease.  So now they kind of creep me out. This show might help me fall back in love with them.

And I'm worried that my love affair with the Thorny Devil might be a short one, because now I'll probably associate them with surprise pornography.  

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