Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rory Got Eaten by a Shark

On Home and Away, poor Rory got eaten by a shark. It was sad. He was a really nice guy. I would have been his friend if I lived in Summer Bay in 1989. I think we totally would have been besties.

What's not fair is I'm pretty sure he was brought on the show simply to kill him. Imagine knowing you were created simply to die a tragic sensational death.

While I was watching the show, I thought it would be so cool if an Aussie filmmaker made a movie about Rory's life—Rory before he came to Summer Bay.

I'll have to add that to my list of Aussie-movie wishes. I think now there's three.

1. A movie about Alexander Maconochie, the penal reformer.

2. A movie about Bennelong Point. It would go back and forth between the story of Bennelong, the Aboriginal man and Jorn Utzon the Opera House architect. Well, because the Opera House is on Bennelong Point.

3. The story of Rory, the young man who had to short of a stay in Summer Bay.

Yeah. So Rory is dead now.  Well, dead for me now. For people who's been watching Home and Away in a more timely fashion, he's been gone about 25 years.

The shark attack—though tragic—was kind of hilarious because it was such bad film-making.  I think I could have actually done as good a job myself.  They just went back and forth between shots of a shark looking quite mellow and then shots of Rory struggling.  Someone could go to the aquarium, film a shark, and then edit that between footage of someone kicking around in the ocean.