Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sally Fletcher Loses Her Virginity

Now I'm reading chapter four of the Heath Ledger biography.

I just learned something. Well, I might have known it, and forgotten. But it felt new to me.

Heath Ledger was on Home and Away.

According to the book, he's the guy who ends up taking Sally Fletcher's virginity.

I wonder when that's going to happen.

Sally is about nine right now....

Well, I'm sitting here guessing her age and trying to guess at what age she loses her virginity.


I should just look at the book and see if it provides a date for Heath Ledger's appearance.

No. The book doesn't provide a date.

Thankfully, we have Imdb. Although it's kind of spoilers for the book. I mean it's not like I've never looked at Heath Ledger's career on Imdb. But I kind of forgot a lot of stuff, so the information in the book feels slightly new to me.

Well, I looked and it wasn't a big deal. I just went straight to what I needed. So the information about his film and television career will still be fascinating.

Anyway, he came on Home and Away in 1997 for nine episodes.  If I'm right about Sally being nine now, she'll be about sixteen when she loses her virginity.

I could be wrong, though, about her age. She might be ten or eleven. Or she could be younger.