Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Lord's Prayer

Earlier today I learned something about Australian music from Twitter.

Now I've learned something from this 1974 quiz on Funtrivia.

There was a singing nun. Sister Janet Mead. She came out with a popular rendition of The Lord's Prayer.

I should have probably thought of Maria Von Trapp or Sister Act when seeing this. And I did...eventually. Obviously. I'm writing it now, so I had to have thought of it.

But the first thing that came to my mind was season two of American Horror Story.  It might be because a few minutes earlier, I was doing character work on my novel sequel, and the character I was concentrating on is a fan of American Horror Story.

Here's a singing nun scene from American Horror Story.

Well, actually in that scene, the singing nun is no longer a nun. Or at least she's no longer wearing nun clothes. She's become a patient at the asylum.

Oh! This is cool. I consulted Lord Wiki about Sister Janet Mead. He says she's the second nun to have a top ten single on the Billboards chart. The first was a Belgian nun who called herself Soeur Sourire. In 1963, her song "Dominique" was a hit song in 1963. That song was heavily featured in season two of American Horror Story!

I love that song...probably because I loved American Horror Story.

Now Lord Wiki is telling me more about Janet Mead and her song.  He says the song was very popular in my country as well.

Here's Sister Janet Mead's official website.

They have CD's you can buy through PayPal. It seems they haven't digitized her music yet.  Or at least not on her website.

She's not on Spotify. Though they have a Lord Prayer Karaoke song...done in the style of Janet Meade.

How about iTunes?

Well, it doesn't look like it—at least not on iTunes Australia. They might have it on the American site, but I'm too lazy to switch over to the other account.