Monday, July 21, 2014

The Pushbike Song

Andrew did my interview! So now I have two! I'm hoping for a few more. Or a lot more.

Here's the link to his post on his blog. He answered the questions there.

He said his guilty pleasure-Australian song is the Pushbike Song. I wasn't sure if I had heard of it before, so I went on YouTube.

I pressed play, wondering if it would sound familiar. Or would it sound new to me?

It sounded very familiar. I checked my Aussie Spotify list. Yes. It's there.

The thing is I feel it's even more familiar than that—like it's something I've heard my whole life. Something that's been on the American radio.

Maybe it has? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Well, Lord Wiki says it's been covered before. Maybe I heard one of the covers in the past?

He doesn't say anything though about the song being popular here.

Also, I think I would have noted the familiarity at an earlier date. Sometimes I do come across Aussie songs that I know from my pre-obsession days; and I wasn't aware they were Australian.  I don't remember that happening with this Pushbike song. So I'm guessing I've just heard it on my massive Spotify list, and I'm creating a longer personal past with the song.

Who knows.....

P.S-If you want to do the interview, here's the original interview post.