Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Secret Is We Pee and Fart

I finished watching the first episode of The Secret Life Of Us.

A few scenes seemed familiar. I might have watched it while researching some of my biography posts.

I also remember one time trying to watch it on YouTube, but the audio was bad. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first season that had been uploaded.

Anyway, one thing I noticed about the first episode is....

I'm not sure what to call it.

Maybe human realism?

Let's make sure we know these are real humans and they do real human things.

There's a scene of with Deborah Mailman on the toilet. She pees while eavesdropping. We even see her wipe herself.  I'm pretty sure Offspring has also had scenes with Asher Keddie and/or Kat Stewart on the toilet.

We had a male using the toilet.

There was clipping of toenails.

Leg shaving.

Putting contacts in.

And Claudia Karvan farted. You know I'm having deja vu writing about this. So maybe I wrote about it when writing my Claudia Karvan post.

Anyway, she was drunk and her flat neighbour found her passed out in the hall. He put her to bed, and she farted. Later he told her about it, and she was really embarrassed.

I wasn't surprised at her embarrassment. Who wouldn't be? But she seemed upset-embarrassed. It put her in a bad mood. She had a very serious depressed face about the whole thing. I think my embarrassment would come out in the form of uncontrollable giggling. And that might lead to more farting.

It would be really bad.

I think my favorite character so far is Deborah Mailman's. I don't know her character name yet. I'm too lazy to look it up. I'll learn it eventually.

Abi Tucker is adorable.

I'm not really into Claudia Karavan yet. I think it's because when I see her I think of Love My Way. For awhile I thought the show was horribly sad in a brilliant way; then I thought it started getting depressing in a boring way.  Just blah.

None of the men interest me yet.

The show asks questions about roommate sharing. Should they share food? Someone said they should. Maybe Deborah Mailman?  I thought, yes! I definitely agree. They should share food. Then I remembered we had someone staying with us. He was all into eating our food and I wasn't happy about that. I told him he needs to ask permission.

I'm not sure if I agree with my behavior.

My justification was he wasn't paying rent. He was staying with us for free. So I didn't like him just helping himself to our food. And he sometimes had this attitude like he partly owned the place. That annoyed me.

Honestly, I think he just got on my nerves, and then I got bitchy and territorial about the food...and our house in general. If he didn't get on my nerves, maybe I'd be generous with the food. Eat it all! mi casa es su casa!

That being said, I'm not sure if it's possible for me to continue liking ANYONE who's staying at our house for more than two weeks.

Some people are good with the whole housemate/flatmate thing. I'm not one of them.

The guy who stayed with us spent a lot of time in our kitchen. He took over the table—had all his stuff there, and there he would wok.  My feeling is we gave him a bedroom and a bathroom. He should have spent most of his time there.

But now I'm thinking if he did spend most of his time in the room, I'd probably complain that he was being creepy and anti-social.

Really. If you're living in our house, there's probably no way to win with me.

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