Monday, September 29, 2014

A Moody Christmas

Yesterday I started watching A Moody Christmas. So far, I''m enjoying it a lot.

In the first episode, Dan (Ian Meadows) returns home from London to spend Christmas with his family in Australia.  I figured the second episode would be a continuation of the celebration. I know Christmas is one day; but then there's Boxing Day. And sometimes people keep celebrating until New Years.

Anyway, it turns out the show is not about a week in the life of a family during their Christmas holidays. To my surprise, the second episode started off in London again.  It takes place a year after the first episode.  The show is six episodes long, so I'm guessing it will span six years in a family's life. I really like that  concept.

The show has two stars from Offspring—Patrick Brammall and Jane Harber.  Harber plays Cora, who seems extremely similar to her Offspring character (Zara).  Brammall plays Dan's brother Sean. He seems very different from his character (Leo) on Offspring.  But then Dan reminds me a bit of Leo. Sean is like a female version of Kat Stewart's character on both Offspring and Tangle.  I say that because Stewart is pretty much playing the same character on both those shows.

I see from IMDb that there's a sequel show to A Moody Christmas.  It's called The Moody's. Maybe it continues from the last year/last episode of the Christmas show. Or not.  Either way...I hope they have it on Hulu eventually.