Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dave Says the Wrong Name In Bed

On my episode of McLeod's Daughters this morning, Dave the vet said the wrong name while in bed with Tess.

They weren't having sex. They were just holding each other. Tess is dealing with the idea that she might have breast cancer. Dave worries about her and says stuff about protecting her and keeping her safe. Except, instead of saying her name, he says the name of his dead wife. Tess gets upset over this and it leads to them calling off their engagement.

I thought it was a bit dumb, personally.

Yes, Dave admitted later that he wasn't fully over his deceased wife; though he thought he had been over her. Is it so horrible not to be completely over your dead spouse? I think I'd like to know that my partner still had a spark of love left over for someone he tragically lost. I think I'd be a bit troubled if he was totally over it. I think I would see my partner as being a bit cold. And I'd also wonder if he'd also completely get over me if I died.

Now it's different with a break up or divorce. Then I think I'd be worried about love left there. Because they can get back together and leave me behind.

But death is different.

As for saying the wrong name in bed. I think Tess should give poor Dave a break. Yes, she's going through a horrible time. A possible breast cancer diagnosis is difficult for any woman, but Tess lost her mother to breast cancer.  It was a horrible ordeal, and she's rightfully terrified that the same will happen to her. But Dave has had his own tragedy. I think it's understandable that helping Tess deal with her medical drama is going to dredge up the past for him as well.

What I think really happened is Tess was looking for an excuse to dump Dave. She says she worries he's not over his dead wife.  She's the one not over someone! She's still in love with her neighbor, Nick. And he's still in love with her.  Why did Tess get engaged to Dave then? I don't know.  I don't get it.