Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Good Stuff

I was playing QuizUp today, which I haven't been doing a lot lately. Well, my old thing was to play it while I watched Neighbours. But then when that ended for me, I kind of stopped the QuizUp. But I played a little over the weekend, and I played today. I've been doing the TV questions, and when I finished with what I wanted to do there, I decided I'd look over at the history category.

I was quite surprised and extremely delighted to see they have an Australian History category now! I might be playing that obsessively the next few days. Right now my ranking in the world is 2596. Hopefully I'll be at a much higher level very soon.

I've started to do online Tarot cards. Today my card said I was going to have a good day. I forgot the exact card and the exact message, but it was very positive. And so far, it's been very true. The Australian History category is like a dream come true for me.  Plus, we finally got our vacuum back today. It's been under repair, and we've been living in filth the last several weeks. Well, we also had trouble actually getting it sent out to the repair people.  But anyway...that's over now and our house is much cleaner today.

I also had some positive deep thoughts. Lately, I've been thinking of that Robert Frost poem featured in The Outsiders about how nothing gold can stay.  It's particularly poignant for me, because I've felt the loss of some gold this year. But then I started thinking that it's not all bad. The thing is we lose gold, but new gold comes along. Life is full of loss and change, but it's also full of wonderfulness and newness.

I just reread my paragraph above and thought it kind of sounds self-centered. Who doesn't lose gold each year? We all lose something. Or at least we go through some kind of change, even if it's something seemingly superficial like the ending of a favorite TV show.  But some gold is harder to let go of than others.

Uh...just to set the record straight. In case anyone is wondering. When I refer to my gold fading this year, I wasn't actually referring to my not being able to watch Home and Away and Neighbours anymore. Though watching the show was definitely gold for me, it's not the particularly precious gold I had in mind.