Saturday, September 27, 2014

Photos From Tourism Australia

I follow Tourism Australia's Instagram Account.

They don't take the photo themselves, but instead borrow photos taken from other people around Australia. It's an honor for the person whose photo is chosen.

My favorite photos are usually the animal ones.  I'm beginning to believe that koalas are especially photogenic—well, if they're awake and not up far away in a tree.

Here's an example of a cute koala.

And here's another one.

One of my favorite photos is this Kangaroo and human selfie. It's hilarious. The photo was taken by a woman named Anna Webb. She's from the UK and won a contest called Mentor Me that has her working in South Australia.

She seems to like taking funny selfies. Here's another one. And another.

The pictures I like least on Instagram— and Tourism Australia has them a fair bit—are photos of white wine. Maybe it's because I don't drink. Maybe if I loved wine, I'd love the photos. But also, I think they're just boring. And why is it almost always white wine? Why not red?

Here's wine in Tasmania.

Here's two glasses of wine in New South Wales.

Here's wine in Western Australia.

Actually, there's not much wine on this account. Maybe it's one of the other accounts I follow that has a lot of wine.

And I think maybe it's about my own prejudices and lack of interest in wine. If people took photos of ice-cream cones amongst the beautiful scenery of Australia, I'd probably love it.