Friday, September 12, 2014

Queen Victoria

Tonight on our Dr. Who episode, one of the characters was Queen Victoria.

I thought it was fun seeing the woman from whom we get the name for an Australian state, a building in Sydney, and a market in Melbourne.

And there's probably other things I'm forgetting.

Yeah...The Queen Victoria we saw was really just an actress. But I enjoyed the experience anyway.

I'm trying to figure out when Victoria the state was named. Lord Wiki says that in 1851, it officially became a colony. So maybe then? Although what if it were an unofficial colony for awhile?

Queen Victoria was born in 1819, so if 1851 was when the state was born, then she was 32 when it was named for her.  In our Dr. Who episode, she was 60.  And she was bit by a werewolf...maybe.

Lord Wiki has a lot of places named after Queen Victoria. Queensland is named for her, but I think that's a bit general. It's like saying you're going to name something after Obama and calling it Presidentland.