Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Flags in Our Kitchen

This morning I was looking at the beautiful Aussie flags decorating our kitchen. I made a dark, horrible joke. I said if I really do lose my Aussie obsession because Doctor Who takes over my brain, it's no problem. We can simply cut the flags a bit.  Just remove the Southern Cross. We'll be left with the Union Jack, and it will remind me of Rose Tyler's t-shirt.

That probably won't happen, though. I mean cutting the flags is definitely not going to happen. I'm way too lazy for that type of craft-work.  Plus I'll probably be damned by the ghost of Alfred Deakin, or someone like that.

I doubt I'll lose the Aussie obsession.

Yesterday I was thinking the Australian obsession has always felt so spiritual to me—like it's in my soul. It feels important and wonderful.

The Doctor Who obsession kind of feels like it's bordering on mental illness.

Plus...I had communications with two people from the UK recently. When I tried to respond back to them, it was very hard for me to reply. I mean not in the sense that I couldn't figure out what to say. I mean there were technical difficulties.  So...I think that's the universe trying to tell me something.


Andrew said...

There is some discussion in New Zealand about ditching their flag, including the Union Jack.

Alex said...

LOL! A bunch of people would love to cut the Union Jack out of the flag! LOL!!

Dina said...

Andrew: I thought that was being discussed (sometimes) in Australia too.

Alex: And then they can sell the Union Jacks to Doctor Who fans and/or Anglophiles.

Jason Ward said...

There has been talk on and off for decades about changing the flag to remove the union jack.

The last two big times when it seemed to be very prominent was during the Australian bicentennial in 1988 and then again when we had the referendum to become a republic in 1999. But since then it has gone quiet.

Dina said...


I wonder if it will ever become a big topic again.