Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Websites Listed In My Favorite Bathroom Book (Part 4)

It's time to look at another website featured in my favorite bathroom book. Although I'm starting to think I've picked the wrong book. Catriona's Rowntree's book seems to be for wealthy people who have class. I think I need a tourism book for people who are cheap and lacking class.

But anyway...until I get that book, I'll stick with Rowntree's.

Today I'm going to be looking at a resort in Byron Bay called Rae's on Wategos.

One of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of Byron Bay is Bridie Carter. She owns a Thai restaurant there. Or she did. I wonder if it's still open.

I just googled and the top result was my own blog.  I said in my Bridie Carter entry that the restaurant is called Bayside Dining Traditional Thai restaurant. I just Googled that, and was led to this website. The restaurant is not owned by Bridie Carter. Since 2009 it's been owned by John and Mariana Pavlova. Did they buy it from Bridie Carter? Or did I totally pass on the wrong information when writing my Bridie Carter post?  I really hope I didn't.


I should probably start talking about Rae's on Wategos.

There's a photo on the front page, and it's really beautiful.  There's a courtyard with a pool.  I find that sort of thing attractive. I think it's maybe Spanish architecture? I'm not positive. Either way, though, I really like that style.

Two of the slideshow photos are of breasts. I used to really love breasts. Now I'm associating them with mammograms and expensive ultrasounds.

I'm sure I'll get over that soon.

I'm looking at Rae's on Wategos on Google Map. It's in Cape Byron State Conservation Point. If I remember correctly, QuizUp taught me that the eastern most point of Australia is in Byron Bay. And the park is jutting out a bit. I wonder if this is the point that's furthest to the east.

Lord Wiki says it is. That's cool.  Though if stay at Rae's on Wategos, you still have about a twenty-five minute walk to get to the very tip. I don't actually know if you're allowed to go there. Or if it's walkable. Maybe there are high cliffs that are impassable.

There's a fitness center near the edge, though.

I'm asking Lord Wiki about walking to far eastern bit of Cape Byron. He is showing me that there's a lighthouse. And it looks like it's right there at the coast. So I think people can walk there.  Or at least get pretty close.

Now I'm going to read Rae's on Wategos about page. They describe themselves as being a combination of modern luxury and bohemian grandeur. Byron Bay is known for being bohemian, I think.  Does grandeur really fit with bohemian? I don't know.  Or did they just need a noun to go with bohemian?  They could have just said modern, bohemian luxury.  No...that doesn't sound good.

Rae's on Wategos says they have been voted one of the top 25 hotels in the world. This year? Another year? I don't know.

The hotel has seven rooms, so it probably won't feel overcrowded.

They say their decor is first class yet warm and inviting. I wonder if I'd agree with them. It's different for every person, really. What's warm and inviting to one person might not be warm and inviting to someone else.

The resort has absolute beach front. What do they mean by absolute?

I just Googled for an explanation. I see several places declaring that they have it, but I can't find what it means.  Maybe it means they're truly on the beach, and it's very easy to walk to the beach once you open the door from the hotel. There are places that say they're near the beach, but you have to walk a block or two.

Or it could mean every room has a view of the beach?

Now I'm looking at the room page for Rae's on Wategos website.  It's very cool. Each room has a different name and decor style. I like resorts and hotels that do this. I remember my family once went to one in California. Well, we didn't actually stay there. But we visited. Maybe we ate there?

I think my personal favorite here is the Mirabella Penthouse. I'm not sure it looks WARM and inviting to me. But it does look inviting.  By warm, I mean cozy; not temperature wise.

I also like the Batavian Suite.

They should have a Doctor Who Suite that looks like a Tardis! That would make me feel extremely warm and invited.

Oops. I think of myself as not having expensive taste. But I just looked at the prices ,and the Mirabella Penthouse is the second most expensive. It's $1250 a night.  The cheapest is the Garden Suite. It's $550 a night. Even that's much more than what we ever spend per night.

Here's their spa page.  I've had only one spa experience in my life. It wasn't a positive one.  I have an overactive bladder sometimes, and my massage day was one of those times.

I was going to say I don't like strangers touching me. But that's not really true. I used to love getting my hair washed at the beauty salon.

Well...I see on their menu that they have pedicures. I've had those before—maybe two or three times? It was at a nail place rather than a spa. I'm not sure if there'd be a big difference.

Maybe one day I'll end up doing a spa thing and I'll like it. For now, though, it doesn't really appeal to me. If I had a lot of money on hand, I'd rather spend it on something else.

The restaurant at Rae's on Wategos is called Rae's fish cafe. You can eat at the restaurant, or they can arrange a private dining experience for you.  You can also reserve the restaurant for large groups.

The restaurant is kind enough to provide vegetarian options; though I think that's pretty standard for restaurants in Australia. Still...I appreciate it.

It's expensive, as I would have expected. The vegetarian dish—a pasta is $32.   Several of their seafood dishes are $38.

I'm looking at Trip Advisor now. They have a few visitor photos. The food ones don't impress me much—mostly because it's seafood, and I'm not into that. I AM impressed with the scenery. It's beautiful.

Their recent reviews haven't been so good.  Their most recent review is titled "The Worst Meal Money Could Buy". Yikes!

I'm skimming through the reviews. The general idea I'm getting is that people used to like it, but quality has been reduced. And also, the food isn't worth the high price.

If I'm going to pay $32 for a bowl of pasta, I want to be thinking, This is the best pasta I've ever had in my life; not, This is good, but not any better than what we have at home, or what we eat at that neighborhood restaurant for $10.

I think Alice H's review title has wise advice. She says "Come For the Setting and View; Not the Food".  That makes sense.

Sometimes it's worth is to pay high prices for mediocre food, because it's more about the experience and location.  Like eating at the movie theater. The food is way overpriced, but there's something about it that's so appealing. Though it's also smart and wonderful to sneak in your own food.

Here's their wedding page. I think the photos are a bit small. It would be helpful, if when you clicked on the photo, you saw a larger photo. But no such luck.

The Champaign Celebrant's blog has an entry about a wedding at Rae's on Wategos.

The groom is from Wales. Why is that important? Guess what TV show is filmed there!

Simon Peter Taylor, a photographer, has some photos from a Rae's on Wategos wedding.

There's a photo of women standing together wearing different colored dresses. I wonder if they're the bridesmaids.  I like the idea of having the bridesmaids wear different things. I wish I did that. Although maybe I also kind of liked forcing my sisters and sister-in-law to wear the dress that I chose. Among those three, there's one who I feel always gets her way. Where she wants to go, we go. Where she wants to eat, we eat. What she wants to do, we do. So I probably enjoyed my moment of bossiness. Hopefully, though, I wasn't too much of a bridezella.

Here's something kind of fun.  Rae's on Wategos has a page where they list all their celebrity guests. Name-dropping is so tacky, but also incredibly delightful at times.

There's someone on the list named Opera Singer.  Does someone actually call themselves that? Or did Rae's know they had an opera singer on the premises, but forgot their name.

There are a lot of really famous names here; none that really excite me though. Translation=I don't see any actors from Doctor Who.

I was asking myself, which celebrity would thrill me if I was staying at Rae's on Wategos, and I learned they were there. But I think I'd be excited about any celebrity.

I'm not the type of person to scream, grab, and beg for an autograph. But I do sort of like walking past celebrities or seeing them from a distance. It would actually probably be better if it was not one of my favorites, because deep inside I'd want them to become my best friend and/or fall madly in love with me. And when that didn't happen, I'd have to face the facts of reality.  Like how horribly depressing it would be to walk past David Tennant, and realize he's not going to invite me to be his next Tardis companion.

It's more fun and less heartbreaking to walk past celebrities in which I have no infatuation.

Like Kate Winslet. I have no infatuation with her, but it would be fun to run into her.

Or Nicole Kidman.

Donald Sutherland! Although I was once quite infatuated with his son.  I'm over it now.

Rae's on Wategos has a resident artist. His name is David Bromley. That's very cool. I mean not his name. Though that's lovely. I mean it's cool that they have an artist. I'm guessing he does all their artwork, which would include the breasts I mentioned earlier.  The resort website has a few examples of Bromley's work, but we can probably see more on his own website.

The painting on the front page reminds me of a book cover. I'm not sure which one, though.

This drawing of a pig reminds me of Doctor Who. 

I like this pool picture a lot.  It's very sweet. There's a little boy and girl in formal clothes and they're watching the other children swim.

Why do pools always feel so much more inviting when I don't have my swim clothes with me?

I like Bromley's work. He might be my favorite part of Rae's on Wategos...at least going by their website. I'm sure if I stayed there, I'd like many other things.

They have an Instagram page. That's cool, because I felt I wasn't seeing enough pictures on their website. This might help me to get a better feel for the place.

They say this lighthouse is their lighthouse. Does that mean Rae's on Wategos has their own lighthouse. Or is this the general Cape Byron lighthouse?

I just went to Google Images. It's the general lighthouse. I don't fault them for calling it "Ours". It's like me saying, "Our library". We don't own the library, but it's the one close to us and the one that we visit.  And I guess as taxpayers, it sort of belongs to us. In a way.

This photo of Rae's on Watego's Ocean View Penthouse impresses me a lot.  It's amazing. If I was super wealthy and had the money to spend over a thousand dollars for one night, this might be the place I'd want to stay.

If you stay in the Mirabella Penthouse, you get Bromley breasts on your wall.

I think Rae and Bromley are helping me get over my negative breast connotations. I think now when I think of breasts, I'll think of this beautiful resort.

Well, guess what. I have to go because it's time for us to watch Doctor Who. Though I'm still madly in love with the show, I really miss Rose, Jackie, and Mickey. I'm having a hard time dealing with their absence.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I have insomnia. I start thinking about things that make me angry, and I start feeling awful. Well, because anger isn't an emotion that makes people feel very good. So I was thinking instead of getting angry, I should fill my head with fantasies.  Maybe tonight, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll have a fantasy in which I'm hanging out with Rose, Mickey, and Jackie at Rae's on Wategos. We'll all stay together in one of the penthouses. We won't eat at the over-priced mediocre restaurant. Instead we'll buy some cheese and crackers; and some grapes. We'll eat on the beach, or by the pool. Then we'll hear that wonderful sound, the second most wonderful sound in the world.

The Tardis will appear and the Doctor and Rose will be reunited. We'll all hang out and then...

I don't know what happens next.

I'll figure it out when my insomnia hits.

Maybe there'll be a Rae's on Wategos wedding that's interrupted by the Daleks.

Wait...scratch that. I forgot. I hate fan-fiction (or fantasies) that contradict canon. So we'll have to leave out the doctor for now. He'll stay in his own universe. UNLESS...maybe there's a parallel universe Doctor! Why wouldn't there be? He'll show up and Rose will protest. She'll whine, but he's not the real Doctor!

Then Rose's parallel-universe-dad will pop out from inside the resort building, and he and Jackie will talk about how they're not each other's original spouses; but they're getting along fine with each other.

I should probably shut up now.....