Friday, January 16, 2015

Dolls and Delusions

On my episode of Rush today, a man and woman kidnap a baby at a shopping center.  As the episode progresses, it's revealed that the motive is about the woman wanting a baby.  She's quite delusional. Even though the baby is a boy, the woman dresses him in a pink coat and keeps referring to the baby as her.

I thought about this woman's mental state, and how it's awful that it's led to a mother going through the horrible stress of having a missing child. I also worried that the kidnapper's mental state might worsen. So far the baby has been relatively calm and even smiled at the kidnapper. What's going to happen when the baby gets sad and/or angry? I imagine this woman might feel rejected, and that might lead her to harming the child.

I thought about a post I did awhile back about adults who own dolls and become very obsessed with and emotionally attached to the dolls. It's all a bit strange and somewhat creepy but for the most part harmless. I thought that it would have been so much better if this woman got herself a doll instead of kidnapping a child.

The writers of the show might have been on the same wave length as me. There's a second storyline on the show. A man is going to jump off a building because his girlfriend Jasmine has been taken from him. Who has taken her? His parents. Why would his parents take his girlfriend from him?

Well, it turns out Jasmine is a doll.  The father wanted to stop the nonsense. The mother was against that plan and thought it was best to just let their son be.  If he wants to marry a doll, let him marry a doll. It's better than him killing himself.

I agree with her.

We all do strange things. Some people do very strange things. But if it's not causing harm to others, I think it's best to just shrug out shoulders and let it go.

If I look through the viewpoint of atheists, a large number of people go to buildings to worship their shared imaginary friend. Not only that, they fight wars to defend the imaginary friend. And politicians and other public figures openly proclaim their dedication to their imaginary friend. So who are we to fault those who love their dolls?

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