Friday, January 2, 2015

Movie Trailers and Photos

Last night I dreamed about a movie version of Love My Way.

Some family members and I are going to a movie theater. I decide I'd like to see Love My Way. It's at 7, and I worry the time won't work with other people's movies. I think, though, about how it's an Australian movie, and that's important to me. 

Then I start thinking I really don't need it. I've read the book, and I've seen the trailer. The trailer showed the important scenes. Why see the movie?

Note: In real life, Love My Way is an Australian TV show not a movie or book.

Sometimes my dreams are incredibly random and mysterious—meaning I don't know why the hell they're in my head. Last night's dream wasn't that way. I dreamed about movie trailers, because I woke up in the middle of the night.  Tim was still awake, so the two of us worked on figuring out what movie we want to see.  We looked at reviews and a trailer.

Originally we planned to see The Theory of Everything. In the past, I had been eager to see it. and now here was our opportunity. But it was at the wrong time. We could choose another theater, but I then realized I no longer was interested in seeing the movie. Why? I had seen the trailer too many times, and the trailer shows too much from the movie.  I don't understand why they do that.

As for Love My Way, that wasn't random either. Yesterday I had been reading an old email from someone—skimming through, looking for something.  There was mention of Love My Way. I thought the email said it was based on a book. Then I read the sentence again and saw that it said it's based around death.

Anyway...this morning I was thinking of how the long detailed trailers make me lose interest in seeing the movie.  Seeing those trailers once is fine for me. But if I see it multiple times, I start wondering why I need to see the movie.  I get sick of it before I even see it.

I then realized I'm the same with photos. I'll be interested in visiting a place.  I'll read about it and look at a lot of photos. Then I'll get tired of it and lose interest in visiting.

A few weeks ago I was very attracted to Arizona and Tasmania. I kept looking at photos on Instagram.  Then a couple of days ago, realized I'm slowly becoming tired of Arizona and Tasmania.  In the beginning I'd look at photos and think about how they're so incredibly beautiful. Then it all became old to me.

Yes. I get it! You have beautiful mountains!  Stop showing off, Tasmania!

I think when we decide on a place to visit and buy plane tickets, I need to really make sure not to look at too many photos.

Do any of you have this problem?  Do you get tired of movies before even seeing them...or tired of places before even visiting them?  


  1. Researching a place before you visit is a good idea. Over researching is not.

    I no longer watch movie trailers for movies I think I may want to see.

  2. Andrew,

    That's smart about avoiding the trailers. And I still say my favorite part of going to a movie is watching the trailer. I should probably rid myself of that mindset.

    I agree about over-researching; though I tend to still do it. Really...only with Australia though.