Monday, April 20, 2015

An Australian in the Walking Dead

There's been a lot of British folks on the Walking Dead, but not many Australians.  Actually, I think there's been only one far as I know. And she had a pretty brief part.


I was just reading about the Walking Dead spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead.  I looked at the cast, and saw that one of the main stars is an Aussie. Alycia Debnam Carey.  Have you heard of her? I haven't. Though she's been on an episode of Dance Academy, so I've seen her.  I just don't remember seeing her.

By the way, I think Fear the Walking Dead is one of the worst TV show titles I've ever seen. What else would you do with zombies? Love them? Cuddle? Be amused by them?  Well, I sometimes am amused by them, but that's when they're just on my TV screen. If they were real and in my neighborhood, I probably wouldn't be laughing.

Really, though. The title almost implies that these new characters on this new TV show are scared of the zombies, but Rick Grimes and his friends are not.

Back to Alycia Debman Carey. She also stars in that new horror movie Unfriend.  She plays Laura. From what I remember of the trailers, I think she's the one who comes back from the dead to haunt everyone.

I'll watch again.



This might be a different movie.

I was thinking of Unfriended.

But the main character in that is Laura as well.

I'm guessing Unfriended is a remake of Unfriend.  Or maybe the opposite? Yeah. It's probably the opposite, because Unfriended is already out, and Unfriend is still in post-production.

Maybe they're not remakes of each other, and it's just a coincidence that they have similar titles and the main character has the same name.

Back to Fear the Walking Dead. I'm going to glance through the cast and see if there are any other Australians.

So far....I don't see any in the main cast, but there's a Kiwi and a Harry Potter actor.

There are only four people listed as being in all six episodes of the new series. The rest of the actors are on only one episode. I guess they all get eaten.

I wonder how long Alycia Debman Carey will last in the zombie world.