Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Auto-Correct Joke on Wonderland

Wonderland had me laughing with an auto-correct joke.

Rob (Ben Mingay) and Collette (Emma Lung) are planning their vow-renewal wedding event.  Rob reads off a checklist of things they need to do. He says they need to get a celebrity. Collette looks at him weird, and then he realizes it's an auto-correct mistake. They need a celebrant, not a celebrity.

I laughed. Rob and Collette did not. I'm surprised, because if it was me having the conversation, the conversation would probably come to a complete halt. I'd be laughing hysterically, unable to control myself. That would last a minute or two, but later throughout the day, I'd think about it and start laughing again.

Auto-correct mistakes really crack me up.  Not all the time. Some just make me smile a bit. 

Speaking of celebrities, though....

Yesterday, I started reading a novel, Blind Sight by Meg Howrey. It involves a teenager who learns that his father is a famous actor.  I find the novel refreshing, because so far, the actor seems to be a really nice guy. I feel like every time I encounter a fictional actor/actress on TV or in books, they're assholes. I imagine many actors are overly narcissistic, but I would think there are decent folks in the business as well.  

There has to be some celebrity out there who would be a decent guest at Rob and Collette's wedding. Right?