Monday, April 27, 2015

Coronation Street and the Bali Executions

In the middle of the night I found myself thinking about the pending Bali executions and how horrifying and frustrating it all is. I realized it reminded me of a storyline I'm currently watching on Coronation Street.

On Coronation Street, Tina agrees to be a surrogate mother for Izzy and Gary.  Izzy has problems doing the whole gestational things...maybe because she's in a wheelchair. But I'm not 100% sure, because I didn't see the beginning of the storyline.  The baby, though, is made from Izzy's eggs and Gary's sperm. Genetically, it's their child.

Tina wasn't just doing this out of kindness. Izzy's father gave her a flat to live in, and the family also gave her a job.  Plus, it was agreed that once the baby was born, they'd give her a large sum of money.

Then the baby is born in the midst of Izzy, Gary, and Tina having some drama with each other. Because of this and general giving-birth hormones, Tina bonds strongly with the baby. She doesn't want to give him up. I had a lot of empathy for her there.  I had no fault with Tina feeling the way she felt, and I have no fault with her wanting to keep the baby. I do have a huge problem with her actually going through with it—telling Izzy and Gary that she plans to keep THEIR baby and then declaring they're not allowed to see him.  Now I think Tina's a major bitch.  It's so frustrating to watch her. I just want to scream, Come on! Do the right thing!  PLEASE!

You're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with the Bali thing. Well, my feelings towards the Indonesian government are similar to the feelings I have about Tina.  It's the idea that with one decision they can make a ton of people extremely happy and relieved. But so far...they're refusing to do it.

I guess it's all about people having complete power over other people's life and well-being.

It's also about me feeling there's definitely a right and wrong choice, and so far Tina and Indonesia are picking the wrong one.

I mean there are many times we have the power to make someone happy, but maybe they don't deserve the happiness. For example, a rapist might be angry we put him in prison. We could let him out and that might make him happy. But I wouldn't feel that's the right thing to do.

With the two men in Bali....

I definitely don't think they deserve execution. No way.

I want to open up my news page and hear they've been pardoned. In a few weeks, I want to read about them arriving home to Australia. In a few months, I want to read that they're writing a book about their experiences.

I don't want to open up my news page and see that they've died.  If this happens, I will absolutely   hate the Indonesian government.

I'm wondering how the Coronation Street folks will feel towards Tina if she does come to her senses and return the baby.  Will all be forgiven, or will grudges be held? And I wonder the same about the Indonesian government...if they decide to do the right thing.  In my opinion, it's enough to do the right thing in the end, but I think hard feelings can still be expected.  I guess there'll be happiness and relief for a happy ending, but regret and some anger for all the prior tribulations.