Monday, April 13, 2015

The Difference Between Melbourne and Brisbane

I've been watching a TV show called Slide.  It's about wild teenagers living in Brisbane.

In the episode I'm watching now, Scarlett has told the group she's moving back to Melbourne, because she's been expelled from school. She's quite pleased about this, and one of her friends asks what's so great about Melbourne. I love her answer:  There's heaps of bars and clubs. And places where they don't let you in if you have no shoes or bad hair. It's pretty much the opposite of here.

From that description, I'd conclude that I'd prefer Brisbane to Melbourne. I wouldn't mind being in a place filled with barefoot people who have bad hair.  

The only problem is, this show has given me the idea that Brisbane is full of vomiting people. Since I have a vomit phobia, I'm feeling a bit weary. Yeah. Really. I think someone has vomited on each episode, at least once. Usually, the vomiting is shown in action, so I'm getting the idea that the creators of the show like using vomiting effects.

What do they do for that? I guess the actors put something in their mouth and then kind of spit it out? Hopefully, they're not truly vomiting. That would be way too gross.

I think Barry Humphries used to put vegetable soup in his mouth and then pretend it was vomit.

As much as I hate real vomit, I can kind of imagine the joy of creating fake vomit.  

Wait. This post was supposed to be about the differences between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Vomit-wise they're probably equal.

The Secret Life of Us takes place in Melbourne, and that show has a fair amount of vomiting.  But I think maybe Slide had more.  Not that TV shows equal reality. It's just all I have to go on right now. I don't there are scientific statistics available about the volume of vomit created in Melbourne vs. Brisbane.  And if there were, they'd surely both lose out to Sydney.  

I'm both disgusted and amazed by normal people's reaction to vomit.  On these shows, someone will throw up. Then they wipe their mouth with their hands and go about their business.  In the next moment, they'll use the same hand to give their friend something. The friend doesn't mind a bit. If someone handed me something after touching their vomit, I'd probably go home and take multiple showers.  

I'd be so traumatized and disgusted. I couldn't handle it.  But then I'll pick up beetles and other insects without a second thought. Some people can't handle that and will scream if an insect is simply sort of near them.  

We all have our things.