Saturday, April 25, 2015

TV Show Memory Problems

I've been watching a lot of TV shows lately, and my brain is having a hard time keeping up.

Yesterday I started remembering someone (person a) being angry at a friend (person b) for not knowing how she (person a) liked her coffee. I struggled to remember where I had seen this. A TV show? An Australian one? Coronation Street?  Maybe an American show? Big Bang Theory?

Fortunately, for sanity's sake, it didn't take me long to remember.  It was The Secret Life of Us.  Alex (Claudia Karvan) was mad at Evan (Samuel Johnson) over the coffee issue.

It's just I have all these characters floating around in my head. It's hard keeping it all straight. And sometimes I forgot a show all together.

This morning I was reading a past entry in my dream journal and there was mention of Satisfaction.  I watched that show a few weeks ago and totally loved it. Then the other day I mentioned loving Wonderland and said I might like it even more than Dance Academy and Offspring—my other favorite Australian shows. But what about Satisfaction? That's definitely one of my favorites as well. But I forgot it.

Well, the good news is now I remember it.

Now I'm thinking that I'm glad I have journals and blogs, and that I take time to read past entries. Without that,  I think most of what I've seen and experienced would have vanished into the void.