Friday, June 26, 2015

Raft, Deborah Mailman, Pasta, and Dan Spielman

1. Dreamed that I'm on some kind of quest with people. We're in the front of a room filled with water.  We have a small raft. The others sit on it. I'm kind of half on it. There are some dolphins to our right. We're kind of playing with them.   

We seem to have the goal of getting across the room. We're about to set out to do that; when I begin to get nervous. If there are dolphins here, why not sharks? I insist on getting on the raft.  

The problem is, we're too heavy and the raft sinks halfway into the water.  We're all pretty much immersed in the water.

We see the next room we're supposed to go to. It looks very industrial. I ask if it's Australia, but there's this sense that of course, it's Australia. It would be nearly impossible for it to be anything else.  It's almost like I'm asking just to be funny. 

2. Dreamed that I was friends with Deborah Mailman. She comes out to dinner with me and my family. She and my sister Dawn start talking. They're connecting well. They both realize they want to order lasagne and start talking about sharing it. I watch them and start thinking about things. I realize I'm feeling jealous.  

The dream reminded me of old feelings I used to have—worries that one of my friends or a cousin would prefer my older sister to me.

I do wonder why lasagne came into the picture.

3. Wondered what Deborah Mailman likes to order when she goes to an Italian restaurant.  Is she a pasta person? Meat dish? Salad? Pizza?

Lately, I've been getting eggplant parmigiana. We go to an Italian restaurant almost every lake house weekend. I've already gotten burned out on Greek Salad and Pizza.

4. Received fantastic amazing wonderful news from Jack.

The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is to be legalized in all US states!!!!

How awesome is that?

I hope Texas doesn't shame me by trying to fight against it.

5. Decided to check on the gay marriage situation in Australia. I used to pay a lot of attention to that, but it's kind of faded from my focus.

Recently I've been reading my 2011 posts. And back then, it wasn't legal in any state. However, in Tasmania, they recognized gay marriages done in other countries.

I think things have improved since then. I have vague memories of the ACT allowing it.

6. Consulted Lord Wiki.

He says that, in Australia, states cannot legalize gay marriage. It's not like the US where some states allowed it and some states did not. In Australia, it's up to the Federal Government, and so far the Federal Government is saying no.

But I know there are people in Parliament trying to change that.

7. Read one of my old posts in which I act like a total Jewish mother to my readers. I give this major guilt trip about people not watching one of my videos.  It's pretty shameful.

8. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

9.  Surprised to hear Kyle (Chris Milligan) say G'day Mate to Matt (Josef Brown). I rarely hear that.

When I do hear or see it, it's usually either from an American imitating an Australian or an Australian introducing themselves via email to an American fan of Australia.

I actually don't know how often that has happened. I'm pretty sure I've gotten some emails with G'day Mate as the greeting. I'm doubting the emailers usually begin their emails that way. Though I could be wrong. I would be less surprised about them using G'day without the mate bit.

10. Wanted to say when I was in Australia, I heard G'day fairly often, and Mate too, but I don't think I heard the two words together. Or if I did, it would have probably been in a tourist setting. Like a tour guide, or someone working at a tourist attraction.

11. Felt repetitive. I have a feeling I talked about these things before.

12. Started watching episode three of The Code.  I feel a bit lost sometimes with this show. It keeps me on my toes—maybe a little too much.

13. Felt also a little bored when watching The Code. I like some parts of it, but other times I'm eager for it to be over. Or I liked it more in the beginning, but then towards the end of the second episode, I found myself losing some interest.

14. Annoyed by The Code, because I thought it was too dark. Then I remembered that I lowered the brightness on my computer last weekend so I wouldn't bother Tim too much.

I fixed the brightness. Now I might like the show a little more.

I do like the scenes with Jesse (Ashley Zuckerman). The government stuff is boring too me. I'm lost in the web of conspiracies.

15. Impressed with Dan Spielman. He had this adorable dorky, grin on The Secret Life of Us, and I figured this was just part of Spielman. But he hardly does the grin at all on The Code.

I'm wondering if the grin wasn't something Spielman often did, and he invented it for Tidy on The Secret Life of Us. Or maybe it is his usual grin, but he toned it down for The Code.

16. Saw beautiful scenery on The Code.

I wonder where that is—Broken Hill, Silverton, or Cockburn.

24. Saw from Google Maps that Cockburn is only about 35 minutes away from Broken Hill.

Right now I'm envisioning a road trip from Adelaide to Broken Hill, with a stop at Cockburn.