Monday, June 8, 2015

Specialness, Cadbury, Rejected Gifts, and Fighting Families

1. Played Australia QuizUp while watching The Saddle Club.

In this episode, the wealthy and spoiled Veronica (Heli Simpson) learns that their family has lost their fortune. Understandably, she's upset. I'm sure one of the main things that bother her is the lost of material goods. But there's something else. Veronica talks about having to be ordinary now. She feels money is what made her special.

I can understand where she's coming from. I think I had similar feelings when I gained weight after having an eating disorder. When I lost a lot of weight, I felt special and beautiful for being thin. I felt that my eating and exercise willpower made me superior to others.

And you know what...I WAS superior to many others, if we're talking about the specific attribute of thinness.  In the end, though, thinness is really not all that exciting. If you're going to be superior to those around you, it's better if it's in the arena of kindness or compassion.  Or something like tightrope walking.  Yeah! Think about it. Would you rather be the thinnest person in the neighborhood? Or would you rather be the one person on the street who can walk across a tightrope?

2. Understood that there are people out there who prefer to be surround themselves with those who are wealthy, attractive, thin, talented, and/or famous.  If those things are top priority to them, I'd say they're shit.  I think most decent folk want to have friends that are kind, fun, funny, and good listeners.  If our kind, fun, funny, and good listener friend also happens to be wealthy and generous; than that's a great bonus.

3. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

I'm confused. I thought in yesterday's episode that Nate (Meyne Wyatt) told Chris (James Mason) he didn't want him to make a baby with Lucy (Melissa Bell). But in today's episode, after Chris gives Lucy the disappointing no, Nate asks him, why.  And Chris mentions that Nate said to go for it.

Maybe I had it wrong yesterday. Maybe Nate said he didn't want children of his own, but he was okay with Chris having one. Or was Nate's message more along the lines of, you do what you want, but if you do what you want, and I don't want it; this relationships is not going to last.

4. Had grammar confusion about the sentence above. Should there be a question mark or period? I really have no idea.

I'm leaving it with a period. For now.

The thing is, I'm asking the question of what was Nate's message. But if I put the question mark there, it sounds like Nate is asking it.

5. Thought the reunion between Erin (Adrienne Pickering) and her daughter Katrina (Maleeka Gasbarri) was sad and awkward.

Erin is trying to recover from drug addiction, and so there's a lot of shame there. She really wants to fix the relationship with her daughter. She went to the store and bought two types of treats, because she couldn't remember which one Katrina preferred. Then Katrina says she doesn't like sweets.

 Unless she absolutely hates sweets, I wish she just ate one of the cookies. But I'd probably do the same. I'm one of those people who is not too good at pretending to be pleased with something if I'm not.

Still...maybe Katrina could have said something like, I'm fine with either one. And then she could have eaten it. Or part of it.  She needn't go as far as being totally fake and gushing about how much she loves the cookies.

6. Had a feeling Katrina likes cookies, but rejecting them  was a way to lash out at her mother. She has a lot of anger, and I'm sure a lot of it is righteous anger.

7. Saw that Adrienne Pickering is listed on IMDb as being in only fifteen episodes of Neighbours. I hope that's not right. I like her character and her storyline. I want it to be a longterm thing.

8. Loved scene between half-sisters Paige (Olympia Valance) and Imogen (Ariel Kaplan).

Paige vents to Imogen about a fight with her half-brother (other-half) Bailey, and complains that she doesn't feel accepted into the family.

Imogen laughs. Paige demands to know why she's laughing. Imogen says, Well, if you're calling him (Bailey) a brat, and he's wanting to disown you; that's pretty much as family as you're ever going to get.

I like that. I can relate because I come from a family that fights. But along with that, there's love.

I'd rather be in a fighting family than a cold and distant family.

That's not to say that every peaceful family is cold and distant. But I would say if a family is lacking in arguments, it's less likely to be because everyone is in agreement and more likely to be because people are holding their anger inside.

9. Thought about the people who are on the top of my dislike list right now. I don't think I've ever had an argument with them, and when one of them got angry at me; I just apologized politely. I didn't fight back.

And then there're people on the top of my like/love list. I've had HUGE dramatic fights with them.

So...there you go.

10. Realized there are people I adore that I've never fought with. But I think it's just because we haven't spent enough time together.  If we spent more time in each other's company, we'd probably eventually have a fight. Or at least a disagreement.

11. Looked through lake house drawer to see if I could find a rubber band for my out of control frizzy hair. I found one. Then I found an Easter Egg. I realized after a few moments, that it was from Australia. I don't know how it managed to escape not being eaten.

I should have left it alone; but instead I got greedy. I opened it to see if it looked good. It looked fine, and it smelled pretty much okay. I think it was a Turkish Delight flavored one. But then I chickened out about eating it, because it's over two years old.

Would it have been safe to eat?

I would have taken the chance in a zombie apocalypse. Definitely. But since I'm not desperately hungry, I gave it a miss.

It's in the trash now, and I'm a bit sad about that. I wish I just kept it in the drawer.

12. Felt less bad than I would have, because I am the happy proud owner of two large Cadbury bars. I bought them yesterday at the grocery store. I'm not sure if Cadbury bars sold in the US are as good as the ones from Australia or the UK...but I like it enough. Well, let's just say, my taste buds are not refined enough to tell the difference.

13. Bought another Cadbury Bar at Walmart.

14. Continued my Neighbours episode.

I'm worried about Karl (Alan Fletcher)  He drank a water bottle with something that looked like water but wasn't water. Now he's looking quite sick.