Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Voice, Underwear Thief, QuizUp, and Scattergories

1. Learned that my niece watches The Voice Kids Australia. She was very excited to show me a video of a girl named Alexa singing "Girl on Fire".

2.  Saw that there was a contestant named Adina Herz. Adina was my original name. Well, and I guess it's still my legal name.

3. Looked through The Voice Kids Australia YouTube page to see if any of the kids sang Aussie songs.

4. Found that Molly sang "Am I Not Pretty Enough".   I know an Australian sings that, but I forgot her name.

5. Looked up the name.

Kasey Chambers!

6. Found another kid singing an Aussie song. Yasmin sang "Scar", the Missy Higgins song.

She sounds very nervous. I can relate to that. I have a hard time singing in stressful situations.

7. Started watching an episode of Neighbours. There's an underwear thief storyline. I'm not really into it. At least not yet. Maybe eventually it will reel me in.

8. Started to like the underwear storyline. It's very funny.

9. Started watching an episode of The Secret Life of Us.

10. Excited. Because I was playing a QuizUp category about TV relationships; and one of the questions was about Neighbours! They wanted to know who was paired with Karl.

11. Played Scattergories.  We rolled an O, and I used Oodnadatta for city. I didn't spell it right. All I knew was there was a double o at the beginning, and some d's somewhere. I wasn't sure if it was a city or a suburb, or whatever. I just had the word in my mind and knew it had something to do with Australia.

I tried looking it up on a phone, and saw only Oodnadatta track. But now I'm seeing there's also a town. I don't think a town qualifies as a city. Does it?

Anyway...I didn't get a point for that one.

I did get a point for Tim Tam as a T-word junk food.