Tuesday, July 14, 2015

AC/DC, Lawyers, Skeletons, and Doctors

1. Dreamed about visiting Australia.

I don't remember what the first dream was about, but I woke up disoriented. I didn't know whether or not we had an upcoming trip to Australia planned.  

After a few moments, I figured out we don't. We have a wish and hope for a future Australia trip, but nothing concrete yet.

The second dream was about books. I try to decide if I want to borrow one of the nonfiction books available on the airplane. I fret about not being able to finish it, but then I decide I can take the book with us to Australia and read it during the trip. But then I realize our accommodations will probably have books available. And unlike the books on the plane, the accommodation books will likely be about Australia. I decide I prefer to read those. 

2. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

3. Heard Spotify commercial announcing that they now have AC/DC music. I'm glad to hear that. I added some songs to my playlists.

I'd like to become more familar with AC/DC, since they're Australian and I have an AC/DC t-shirt. 

I bought the shirt because of the Australia connection.

4. Added more AC/DC songs to my playlist.

5. Felt great adoration for Imogen (Ariel Kaplan). She's probably one of my favorite fictional Australian characters. 

Imogen is so smart and passionate—driven. But she's also vulnerable and very imperfect.

I loved the scene with her going to a lawyer networking party. She's looking to meet fellow law-lovers and instead meets a flaky superficial snob who is more interested in discussing ski resorts than law.

6.  Saw Naomi (Morgana O'Reilly) kiss Paul (Stefan Dennis). I knew they were supposed to be getting together, but I didn't expect it to start this early.  

7. Started watching Rake on Netflix. 

I hope I like it.

8. Wondered if I've ever watched anything with Richard Roxburgh. I feel I have, but I don't know what it was.

I pretty much know him as being the star of Rake. But I'm just starting to watch that now. 

9. Went to IMDb filmography of Richard Roxburgh. 

I don't think there's anything I've really seen.

I saw parts of Australia and Moulin Rouge, a long time ago.

10. Saw that Roxburgh is the narrator for a documentary about Australia. Australia: The Story of Us. It looks pretty good.  Maybe Hulu or Netflix will have it one day.

11. Looked at IMDb cast for the first episode of Rake. There are some actors I'm excited to see.

Adrienne Pickering is on the show. I know her as Erin from Neighbours.

There's also Danielle Cormack (from Wentworth), Hugo Weaving, and Matt Day.

I have no idea who Matt Day is, but his name sounds familar to me. 

12. Saw that Matt Day is from Reef Doctors. Yeah. Now I remember. He played the ex-husband. And I didn't realize this when watching Reef Doctors, but he was also Gabriel on Tangle.  

I think Gabriel is the guy in love with Justine Clarke. Well, the character played by Clarke, really. 

13. Wondered where Rake is filmed.

14. Saw from IMDb that it's filmed in Sydney.  

15. Saw that Hugo Weaving plays a cannibalistic prisoner.

16.  Found plot of Rake episode to be interesting.

Professor Murray (Weaving) put a post online asking if there was anyone who wanted to be eaten.

A suicidal guy took him up on the offer.

Before committing suicide, the future meal made a video explaining his intention.

Now there's a question of whether Professor Murray committed a crime. Well, because they're saying cannibalism isn't a crime in New South Wales.

Is not stopping a suicide a crime?  Is Euthanasia legal as long as no one assists the person wanting to die?

The professor didn't really assist with the suicide, but he supported it and didn't do anything to stop it.

17. Wondered if cannibalism is an ecologically friendly way to dispose of a body. 

I suppose it would be, although the skeleton would be left. 

Maybe the skeleton could be donated to science?

Is there a need for skeletons out there?

18. Found a website that sells human skeletons. They say it's difficult for them to obtain skeletons, and the skulls they're selling are quite expensive. The prices range from $700-$2000. So it seems skeletons are in high demand!

Hopefully the souls who used to wear these skulls donated them.  

I hope it's not like American Horror Story: Freak Show, where people are murdered so their body parts can bring in a profit.

19. Thought about what my cousin-in-law said this week about cannibalism. He says it increases the risk of prion disorders. Is that true?  Wouldn't you need to eat someone with a prion disorder?  

20. Read article about cannibalism and the prion disease Kuru. I don't know if I fully understand it, but I feel it's saying that eating brains puts you at risk of contracting a prion disease. If you stayed away from the brains, you might be okay.  

Or maybe not. Because I think people have gotten sick from cows without eating the brain.

I think, though, if you eat a healthy cow or human you should be okay. 

21. Thought of another idea. Instead of using cannibals to dispose of a body, why not have animals do it? Like a crocodile? Piranhas. I know some people use vultures.  

22. Recognized actress on Rake—Sacha Horter.  She plays the wife of a cannibal. 

I looked her up and saw she was on Dance Academy. She played Abigail's (Dena Kaplan) mother. 

23. Recognized another actress on the show—Caroline Brazier.  I looked her up, and saw that I know her from Packed to the Rafters, and I also saw her fairly recently on City Homicide.

24. Felt sorry for Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh). He fell in love with his sex worker (Adrienne Pickering) Then she quit. He believes they had something real between them, and she tells him it was a business transaction only.

I wonder how often that happens.

25. Realized it probably doesn't just happen with sex workers and their clients. It can happen with any person who feels they have befriended the person they're paying—hairdresser, tour guide, cruise waiter, housekeeper, psychologist, etc. 

I'm sure there are times that real friendships and/or likings develop. But sometimes it can be pure fakeness. 

It might even be fakeness masking hatred.

26.  Recognized an actor on Rake—Nicholas Hope

I saw that he was on Offspring. He played Tadgh Reid. I'm guessing that's Patrick's father.  

27. Finished watching the first episode of Rake. So far, I'm liking it a lot.

28. Started watching another episode of Rake.

29. Saw that this episode has Lisa McCune, who I know from Sea Patrol and Reef Doctors

30. Saw Lisa McCune's breasts.

31. Took a shower; then went to get dressed.

I decided to wear my ACDC shirt.

32. Wanted to say that I did not need a shower because of Lisa McCune's breasts. It was just time for my shower, and I felt all gross from taking out the trash.

33. Found myself liking Cleaver Greene a lot.

He's a funny and clever guy.

34. Noticed I'm loving on fictional Australian lawyers today. Or..well, one is a future Australian lawyer.

35. Decided that Lisa McCune reminds me of Asher Keddie. Maybe her voice and accent?

I don't remember noticing it before, so maybe it's just this particular character she's playing.

36. Thought of Nick (Damien Fotiou) on Neighbours, because I'm feeling a lot of anger and disgust at doctors right now. Yes, some doctors are wonderful people. And I'm sure most aren't as evil as Nick. But I think many of them are arrogant, ignorant, and incompetent.

37. Felt it's unfair that lawyers are seen as scum and doctors are often seen as wonderful heroic people.

I like Neighbours for going outside that viewpoint.  Imogen is quite wonderful, and she wants to be a lawyer. Her uncle Nick is horrible, and he's a cancer doctor. 

38. Remembered that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is a lawyer too. He's shown in a very positive light.

And Neighbours doesn't make all doctors seem bad. Dr. Karl (Alan Fletcher) is a fairly positive character.