Thursday, July 16, 2015

Menzies, James Denton, Family Relationships, and Favorite Australians

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Disagreed with Lauren (Kate Kendall).

Brennan asks her to testify about her late husband Matt taking bribes from the wicked Dimato (David Serafin).

Lauren angrily says no. She doesn't want to ruin Matt's reputation and show the world he was a dirty cop.

Well, the thing is...unfortunately, Matt DID become a dirty cop at the end. He wasn't proud of that; he put an end to it; and he agreed to help Brennan convict Dimato. 

I would like to believe Matt would be more concerned about getting a criminal off the streets than protecting his own reputation.

3. Glad to see that Lauren has changed her mind. It's thanks to Brad (Kip Gamblin). He helped her to see my side of things. Thanks, Brad.

4. Listened to the song "1000 Suns" by Russell Morris while doing stair exercising.

5.  Saw, from Lord Wiki, that Russell Morris shares his birthday with Harry Potter.

6.  Learned that Morris released a blues album in 2012 called Sharkmouth. I'm going to add some of the songs to my Spotify list. 

7. Learned that I already have some Sharkmouth songs on my Aussie Spotify list. I tried to add "Mr Eternity", and Spotify said I already had the song on my list. I wasn't too surprised, because when I saw the song name, I could imagine a song with those lines in my head.

8. Started watching an episode of Rake.  I might finish the first season today. If not...probably tomorrow. 

9. Saw that Rachel Griffiths is in this episode. The show seems to get high-profile actors as guest stars.

10. Saw from IMDb that one of the characters on this episode of Rake is Bob Menzies. 

Like the Prime Minister?

I think he's dead, though, right?  

11. Saw that Menzies has been dead for quite a long time.  He died in 1978.


12. Felt stupid.

But at least I suspected he was dead.

13. Saw some familar actor names in the credits—Barry Crocker and Sonia Todd.

14. Calculated that if Menzies was still alive today, he'd be 121 years old.

15. Listened to "Daisy Chains" by Youth Group. I love that song.  Youth Group is one of my favorite Aussie bands.

16. Annoyed by Rachel Griffith's character on Rake. Though I think that's what I'm supposed to feel.

She plays a shock jock.  In the opening scene, she interviews a politician.  Or that's what she calls it. She really just rants—and never lets the politician say anything.

17. Felt that the storyline of this episode is similar to plot of The Fisher King.  Both involve a shock jock inciting violence.  

On Rake, the shock jock inspired an attack on Muslim-Australians.

18. Saw Cleaver Greene in jail, and suddenly Richard Roxburgh reminded me of a different actor.

I've been trying to figure out who.

I came up with a weird one.

He sort or reminds me of James Denton from Desperate Housewives.  He's kind of like James Denton with lighter hair.

19. Remembered that I can take screenshots; and show what I'm seeing.

That's Richard Roxburgh there.

I'm not going to take a screenshot of Denton, but here's a link to him on Google images. 

The resemblance isn't too strong.

20. Decided that Roxburgh also reminds me of Ryan O'Neal—probably much more than Denton.

21. Saw that Barry Crocker plays Roxburgh's dad on Rake.

22. Impressed with family fight scene on Rake.  

Cleaver Greene's father has had a stroke. His sisters give Cleaver grief about not visiting sooner and not bringing his son to see his grandfather more often. Cleaver reminds his sisters that he didn't have a good relationship with his dad.  They fight about this. The sisters love the dad and put the blame of the negative father-son relationship on Cleaver.

The thing with families is that each child doesn't have the exact same relationship with the parents. A mother or father can have a wonderful relationship with one child and an abusive and/or estranged relationship with another. 

One thing I've concluded recently is that we shouldn't label parents as being good or bad. In most cases, it's too much about opinions. I think most people would agree that one shouldn't sexually molest their child, starve them, or beat them. But beyond that there are a range of opinions.  Daycare or not daycare? Work or stay home? Cry it out or co-sleep? Breastfeed or bottle feed? Yell or use time-out? Spank or not spank? Buy Barbies or avoid them?

I think instead what we should say is whether or not the parent gets along well with the individual child.  And parents may get along very well with one child and not the other. Also, some parents may get along very well with a child at some points in their lives and not so well at others. 

Well, anyway...I liked the scene, because I imagine many families struggle with similar problems.  If a person has a great relationship with their father and mother, it can be hard for them to understand why their sibling does not. Then they might put the blame on the sibling.  Dad has always been wonderful to me. If he was mean to you, it has to be because you deserve it.

23. Felt sexist. Because I don't feel so awful about Cleaver's fifteen-year-old son (Keegan Joyce) dating his twenty-eight-year-old English teacher. But I know I would be bothered if the genders were reversed. 

24. Saw Iced VoVos on Rake. I haven't had those in awhile.  

25. Thought Cleaver's steak on Rake looked really good, and I kind of regretted being a vegetarian. But then he went ahead and put peanut butter on his steak. Really?  Do people do that?  Or is that just a quirky Cleaver type thing?

26. Googled peanut butter and steak. I see recipes, but they seem to be using a peanut butter sauce. That makes sense to me. It's like a satay kind of thing. But just peanut butter from a jar plopped on a steak?  That doesn't sound very appetizing to me. 

27. Listened to Misterwives' cover of "Riptide". The lead singer's voice reminds me of Julie Stone's. 

I feel that type of voice is used too often. 

I don't know. So many singers sing like other singers. Do they really naturally sing like that? Or is it more of an impersonation? 

28. Started watching another episode of Rake.

29. Continued to see James Denton in Richard Roxburgh.

30. Liked that the Rake characters sang "The Parting Glass" at a funeral.

I learned of that song from The Walking Dead.  Beth sang it outside the prison.

I'm sad that Beth is no longer around. I'll miss her singing.

Maybe they need a new singing character on The Walking Dead.

How about a singing zombie? That would be a fun plot twist.

31. Felt gratitude for the existence of Rake.  I love Richard Roxburgh and Adrienne Pickering. I feel blessed to be watching them on this show. I will probably add them to my list of favorite Australians.

32. Wanted to say that I don't literally have a list of favorite Australians.

Maybe I should. It's just that I often have favorites, and then they kind of slip my mind.

But from memory....

Besides Pickering and Roxburgh, I'd also have Dena Kaplan, Ariel Kaplan, Rhys Muldoon, Julian McMahon, Patrick Brammall, Dan Wylie, Steve Toltz, Jaclyn Moriarty, and Liane Moriarty.

Others will probably come to my mind later. 

33. Decided to add Ashley Zuckerman. He was brilliant in The Code.

34. Decided to add Stefan Dennis.  

35. Decided if I was being really inclusive, I'd add every single Home and Away cast member from the first few years of the show.  

36. Remembered Deborah Mailman!  How could I forget her?  Of course, she'd be on my list. 

37. Would also add Michael Dorman.

38. Fascinated by scene in Rake. Barney (Russell Dykstra) dances in a water fountain. Music plays, and I saw him as a fun guy who's learning to be free and happy. Then the music stopped, and the mood changed. He then looked like a mentally disturbed man.

Was my reaction normal? Is that what they wanted me to feel? Was the abrupt disappearance of the music done on purpose?

39. Figured I'd add both Julian McMahons to my list. Well, first of all because I probably have too many entertainer type people.  I need to balance it with people from other industries.  And I have gratitude for the lawyer Julian McMahon, because he tries to defend Australians who get in trouble with the law in foreign countries.  I'm not sure if he succeeds that often, but it's very nice that he tries. 

40. Thought of another non-entertainer type person to add to my favorite Aussie list.

Peter Singer. I have a lot of respect for him.

41. Decided to not beat myself up for having mostly actors and a few writers on my list.

I like actors and writers. I can relate to them more than I can relate to lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc.

42. Started watching the last season one episode of Rake.

43. Realized that Cleaver Greene would probably be classified as an anti-hero.

44. Wondered if there are other anti-heroes that I like.

I'll have to think about that one.

45. Finished watching Rake.

I thought it was fantastic.

46. Went to to pick my next show. It's Eagle and Evans.  

I have no idea what that is, but I think I added it to my to-watch list recently. It's at the bottom with all the other newly added stuff.  

47. Found Eagle and Evans on Hulu. It's a comedy about a variety show.  It was originally broadcast in 2004.

I hope I like it.

I hope I don't strongly dislike it.

48. Looked at the cast of Eagle and Evans on IMDb. I don't recognize any of the names.

I prefer to watch shows in which I am familar with some of the actors.  Otherwise, it feels like going to a new school and not knowing a single soul.  Seeing a familar face can be very comforting.

But who knows. I could end up liking the show. And then those new faces will be old faces that might one day bring me comfort when I start watching another show.

49. Felt unhappy about separating from Rake.

I feel quite attached right now.

But that's what usually happens.

Then in a week or so, my heart will be with a new show and I'll forget my love for Rake.