Saturday, September 12, 2015

Coffee Tables, Water Rats, Evil People, and Surprising Twists

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Felt conflicted about what I wrote yesterday regarding Russell, the Brennan father (Russell Kiefel)

Yesterday's episode presented Russell as a misunderstood man who isn't as homophobic as his gay son Aaron (Matt Wilson) believed.

Now in today's episode, we learn that, as a child, Aaron's brother Tyler (Travis Burns) was beaten up by Russell.

In my last post, I talked about having tolerance for people who aren't hateful but simply awkward and uncomfortable around certain situations.

I can try to have tolerance for someone who is working to accept their offspring's homosexuality.

Can I also have tolerance for someone who used to beat their child?

I suppose I could in some situations.  I think I could manage it if the parent looked back at what they did as being wrong—if they regretted it and were gentler now in the present.

I couldn't tolerate the person if they believed beating their child had been the right thing to do.

3. Started watching an episode of Water Rats.

4. Thought the coffee table on Water Rats looks very much like the one we used to have.

I say, used to have, because I picked it up the wrong way, and all the glass shattered.

5. Tried to remember where our coffee table came from. We might have bought it? But I have a feeling it was with our family for a long time.  I think it belonged to my parents. Maybe we used to have it in our pseudo-basement in Atlanta?

6. Texted my family about the coffee table. We'll see if they text back.

7. Found a picture of our coffee table.

8. Wondered if it's a huge, magnificent coincidence that we had the same coffee table as characters on Water Rats.  Or is the coffee table extremely common?

What was that episode of Friends—where Phoebe thought she had very special furniture, but then it ended up being from something like the Pottery Barn?

9. Found the episode of Friends. It was "The One with the Apothecary Table".

I vaguely remember going out to buy that table for ourselves. Or at least we thought about it.

10. Figured we just thought about it, because I'm looking at photos of the table now, and I don't think it's in our house.

If we had it, why wouldn't we have it now?

11. Found our old coffee table on a website.  They say it's a vintage Danish Modern Octagon Glass Coffee table.

12. Saw the coffee table on other websites.

I wonder who originally designed it.  I guess some Danish person did, probably.

13. Got texts back from my family. My sister has lots of memories of the table. She reminded me that we had it in the formal living room when we lived in Madison Wisconsin.

I'm pretty sure we also had it in the "basement" in Atlanta.  We lived in St. Louis between Atlanta and Madison.  So...I'm guessing we had it somewhere in the St. Louis house, as well.  Maybe the formal living room again?

14. Texted Tim about the apothecary table on Friends.

I'm thinking we either a) bought the table and lost it somehow, OR b) wanted the table, but decided it would be better to get something similar instead of exactly the same.

15.  Got text back from Tim.

We never bought the apothecary table.

16. Started watching another episode of Water Rats.

17. Annoyed by twist on Water Rats.

It looks like one of the so-called good guys might be a very bad guy.

18. Decided that maybe annoyed was the wrong word.

Maybe disappointed would be better?

Or disturbed.

19. Tried to think of other "good" characters who ended up being bad.

The only one that comes immediately to mind is Peter Pettigrew.

I prefer the Sirius Black type twists more—where an assumed bad character turns out to be not-bad.

20. Decided to consult the TV tropes website.  They have a page about a trope called Evil All Along.

The last time I visited for Farscape. I was looking at a similar, but different concept—the face-heel and heel-face. This is when a good character TURNS bad, or a bad character TURNS good.

21. Looked at examples of Evil All Along in animated films.

Frozen has a major one and so do both Toy Story sequels.

22. Saw that Professor Quirrell is another example in Harry Potter.

23. Felt better about the twist.

I think I was just in shock before and maybe a little bit of denial.

Now I've accepted it.

The pieces of information also ties in well with something that was revealed earlier on in the season. The now-deceased partner of the Evil All Along character did a monologue about wanting to quit his job in homicide. He talked about being disillusioned—that he had lost the feeling that the good guys were winning. He probably said this, because he had learned his partner was a bit horrible.

24. Started watching another episode of Water Rats.

25. Finished watching the episode of Water Rats.

25. Decided to be over-indulgent and watch a fourth episode of Water Rats.

Because of our new homeschooling endeavors, I don't have as much time on the weekdays for binge-watching.  Today there's no homeschooling, no lake house, and no adventurous excursions. So I'm going to take advantage.