Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Self-Centered DJ, TaxPayers, Horrible Parents, and Commitment

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours on my phone while walking outside around the Lake house.

That was fun, though, the connection went in and out.

2. Continued to watch the episode of Neighbours, but moved inside.

3. Started to watch an episode of Water Rats.

4. Disgusted with the  Radio DJ (Robbie McGregor) on the show.

First of all, he's the jerk, from the last episode, who gave the police a hard time about not risking their lives to retrieve a corpse.

On this episode, he's reported his wife missing.

The police go to the DJ's home to get more information. One of the cops takes a look around a room in the house. It's full of the DJ's career awards. There are no photos of his wife.

The cop asks if he has any photos, and the guy says there are some in the wedding album.

In the wedding album? Really? That's it.  So he can hang career awards all over the wall, but he never thought to hang up a photo from his wedding? He never thought to hang up a photo of his wife?

5. Thought about how the DJ gives the cops a hard time about not rushing out full force to search for his wife. I thought, at first, it might be because he cares about his wife. But now I'm thinking he's more interested in having an opportunity to criticize the Sydney police than he is about finding his wife.

6. Heard the DJ get angry at the police, and tell them that they work for him, because he pays their wages—as in his tax money.

I've heard real life people say similar things.

I guess it's true in some ways. If someone works for the city or state, and tax money goes towards their wages; normal citizens pay those wages. Though it doesn't mean the civil servant works directly for the individual angered citizen.

It would be more accurate for the citizen to say, I pay taxes, and this means I pay a very tiny percentage of your wages. 

7. Felt that it's not really a matter of who is paying who what. It's just that people should treat each other with politeness and decency.  And that goes both way. The civil servant should be kind to the citizen, and the citizen should be kind to the civil servant.  On this episode of Water Rats, it was definitely a matter of the citizen treating the civil servant like crap. But in many instances, it's the civil servant mistreating the citizen.

8. Felt a bit wrong using the term citizen, since the civil servant is a citizen too. I feel like there's a better word out there, but I can't think of what it is, and am too lazy to try to find it.


9. Started to watch another episode of Water Rats.

10. Decided I like Catherine McClement's short hair in Water Rats.

The past few days, I've had a desire to cut my hair short again.

I worry I'll end up going through with it. In the past, when I've gone through with it, I ended up regretting it.

The thing is, though, I'm tired of my long hair.  It's so thick and frizzy.

11. Had a feeling I'd probably cut my hair short in the next few weeks.

I'll end up regretting it, but that's okay.  It will grow back again.

12. Tried to remind myself that cutting off my hair is probably not going to make me feel beautiful.

13. Horrified by Rachel Goldstein's (Catherine McClement) ex-husband (Steven Grimes).

Rachel is having major problems. The girlfriend of someone Rachel killed on the job is stalking her and has hinted that she's going to harm Rachel's son. Being a good mother and police officer, Rachel gets police protection for her son. The horrible ex-husband complains about it. And when Rachel calls her ex, worried about her son; he's very uncooperative.

The man cares more about hurting his ex than protecting his son.

It's really sickening.

14. Thought about Neighbours, and how Brad (Kip Gamblin) resists an affair with Lauren (Kate Kendall). His reasoning is he's married to Terese and he's committed to her. Yet he didn't say one thing about love.

I thought about this in the morning, but then forgot. I was reminded of it, because we watched the video to Andy Grammer's video "Honey I'm Good".  It features various couples proudly displaying a piece of construction paper that shows how long the couple has been together.

It's sweet.

It's nice that there are people who manage to stay committed to each other for so many years. I wonder though if any of them are like Brad—loyal and committed, but they're no longer in love with their partners.

15. Went back to watching Water Rats.

16. Went back again to thinking about marriage.

I wonder which percentage of people married fifty years are still in love with their partners, and which percentage are not really in love, but they're good at commitment.

17. Thought of the other side of the coin. Out of all the people who divorce after less than ten years—how many of them fell out of love vs. how many of them were still in love, but just not good at commitment.

18. Went back to watching Water Rats.

This episode is like a thriller movie. Lots of suspense.

19. Had a sing-a-long activity with my family and friend.  Every time there was a song, I knew and my family didn't, they ask me if it's Australian. Often, it was not an Australian song.

I think the only Australian songs I knew and they didn't was "Surrender" by Ball Park Music, and "Biding my Time" by Busby Marou.

We also sang "Riptide". Most of them had heard it before.