Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coffin Dissatisfaction, Cocaine Possession, Tattle-Tales, and Garry McDonald

1. Dreamed that my sisters and I have all moved back in with my parents. We're talking about this, and I bring up Packed to the Rafters.  My mom says things that makes me think she's familar with the show. She says something that makes me think my brother-in-law watches it. But then I talk about the show—certain plot aspects. He doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about.


I'm in the middle of Packed to the Rafters—standing on a sidewalk. Daniel Robinson (from Neighbours) is there. Chel has died. Her wooden coffin is being taken out of a truck. Someone is upset that her coffin is wooden, and they insist on it being switched to a more expensive material. That happens...quite quickly.  Someone else is upset about the coffin switch. They vent about their problems by talking to Chel. Maybe on their cell phone?

It didn't seem like they were trying to contact the dead. It was more like they were recording an oral journal entry. Or something like that.

I'm not sure what Daniel Robinson did in the story. He may have been the one who switched coffins; or he might have been the one who was upset about the switch. Or maybe he was neither. Maybe he was just a bystander on the wrong TV show.

2. Started to watch an episode of Underbelly: Razor.

This one seems to be about the Wall Street crash.

Well, the name of the episode is "The Crash", and the beginning written narration mentions the crash on Wall Street.

I wonder how the crash is going to effect the characters on the show.

3. Checked to see if Mia Wasikowska is the girl I keep seeing in the Crimson Peak trailer.

She is.

From what's said on the trailer, it sounds a lot like American Horror Story: Murder House.  

4. Saw that there's another Australian in Crimson Peak—Jonathan Hyde from The Strain.

I think the movie and The Strain have the same director.

Well, no. It's really the same writer (Gullermo del Toro)

5. Watched horrible gun deaths on Underbelly: Razor and felt guilty for not speaking out more against gun violence.

Of course I'm against guns and the NRA, but it's not something I think or worry about too much.

I worry more about car deaths.

I don't want to be one of those people who don't give thought to a problem until it happens to them. Well, mainly because I don't want anyone I love to be shot and killed.

6. Had some synchronocity between my Underbelly: Razor episodes and Rake episodes.

In my episode of Rake yesterday, someone was threatened with being framed for cocaine possession.

The same thing happened today on Underbelly.

7. Learned from Underbelly: Razor that there was a rule among the underworld. If someone does something bad to you—like shoots you— you don't tell the police.

I wonder if that's still the case.

I can understand it if it's about avoiding getting in trouble yourself. If you tell the police about a crime, then your crimes might come forward. But if it's just about not seeming cowardly? Well, to me that's stupid.

8. Figured maybe it's not the case anymore.  Because in the other Underbelly I watched, people informed on others to save their own butt.

Maybe at some point, police got smart and realized if they offered freedom to offenders, more information would be provided.

9. Figured two things probably need to be offered in order to compel people to inform on others—impunity and safety.

10. Thought about Wentworth. The attitude about informants on that show is very similar to the one on Underbelly: Razor.

In both shows, is the concern more over safety or losing face?

11. Started watching the second episode of season two of Rake.

Cleaver Green (Richard Roxburgh) is frantically searching his apartment for the hidden cocaine.

12. Saw that Garry McDonald is on this episode.

I recognized him, but then I had a hard time finding his name on IMDb, because I was looking for Phil Noonan, his Offspring character name.

13. Decided that Garry McDonald looks more like a Phil Noonan than a Garry McDonald.

14. Saw that on Rake, his name is Lawrence Fenton. That works too.

I can also accept Norman Gunston and Arthur Beare.

15. Saw that Garry McDonald played Malcolm Lewis on a show called Fallen Angels.

He definitely doesn't look like a Malcolm,

16. Wanted to mention that when I was looking for the name Phil Noonan, I saw that Don Hany is on this episode of Rake. It looks like he plays the person on trial.

17. Learned that Don Hany plays a guy who stole two million dollars from a kid's leukemia charity.


18. Realized the episode is much more about Garry McDonald's character than it is about Don Hany's.

I misread the title of the episode which names the defendant in the episode's main case.

I'm not sure how I did that.

19. Decided that Garry McDonald reminds me a little bit of Robert Englund...more the Willy version than the Freddy.

20. Decided not to use photos to back up my opinion, because it's more of a persona thing than an appearance thing.

Robert Englund in V is a lot like Phil Noonan, Arthur Beare, and Lawrence Fenton.

21. Figured out finally that the judge with a voice that sounds familar to me is Jack Thompson.

I've been wondering about him throughout the episode, but had a hard time finding his character name on IMDb.

I'm not sure I recognize Jack Thompson's voice, though. I think he just sounds like someone else I've heard.

I HAVE heard of Jack Thompson's name. I think he's pretty famous, right?  I'm not sure I've actually seen him in anything.

22. Looked at Jack Thompson's filmography.

I might have seen him in Camp.

I saw part of December Boys.

23. Decided Jack Thompson's voice reminds me of Michael Gambon's voice.

24. Thought this was a beautiful scene.

I love the purple tree.

What's it called again? I know it starts with a J.

25. Googled.

Lord Wiki says the name is Jacaranda.

Australia has a lot of Jacaranda trees.

They're from South America, Central America, the Bahamas, and other countries in that neck of the woods.

26. Glad to see that Adrienne Pickering is going to be on the next episode of Rake.

I thought she was gone from the show, because she wasn't on the first two episodes of this season.

Although I'm not sure how many episodes she's on in the second season. It might be just one.

27. Decided to do some Flickr stalking.

28. Chose to look at Jacaranda trees in Australia.

Here's a nice photo of some Jacaranda trees at the University of Queensland.

29. Saw that the photographer is palg1305

He takes lovely photos.

I like this photo from Toowoomba.

30. Liked this tropical picture.

31. Thought this butterfly photo was stunning.

32. Saw a photo of a crocodile in Daintree. He looks scary, but also cute.

33. Saw a close-up photo of a crocodile. Yikes

34. Decided to bookmark palg1305's account.

He has a ton of great Aussie photo albums.

I had planned to stalk one account per day, but palg1305 has ruined that plan.

I might have to stick with this guy for a week or so.

35. Saw that, besides Australia, palg1305 has also visited Mexico, Indonesia, Sweden, France, Spain, Cuba, and Malaysia.

The Australian albums are actually more recent. Maybe he's not from Australia. He could be visiting; or going to school there.

Or maybe he's Australian, but didn't get into Flickr photography until traveling. Then when he returned to Australia, maybe he realized he could take pictures of his homeland as well.

36. Realized I'm being stupid.

I forgot.

Flickr lets you arrange your albums anyway you choose. So he might have just lumped all of Australia together. It might not be a chronological record of his travel adventures.