Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dodgy Food, Battle Scenes, Morphing, and Clone Confusion

1. Read a scary article about food poisoning in Australia. The alleged culprit is fried ice-cream served at a Sydney Chinese food banquet.

A woman who got sick remembers eating the dessert and thinking that something might be a bit off.

I feel like I might have had a recent moment of being suspicious of my food. But I can't remember what it was now.

2. Remembered the food. It was during our first night in Disney World. We got a slice of pizza at our resort cafeteria. It looked really dodgy—like it had been sitting out on a counter for weeks. I was weary of eating it; and considered sending it back.  But I didn't.

Then I tasted it; and it actually tasted really great.  That was over ten days ago; and we haven't gotten sick yet (knock on wood) ; so I'm guessing it was fine. I think maybe it was just ugly.

3. Wondered if the woman in the article is wrong about her fried ice-cream suspicions.

I reread the article. The woman was diagnosed with salmonella; and says the ice-cream in the fried ice-cream was melted more than usual.  I may be wrong, but I don't think salmonella would change the texture of the food.  I think if someone got ill from food served or stored at the wrong temperature, it would more likely be a case of food poisoning and not a Salmonella type thing.

I'm not an expert on this, though.

4. Read website about difference between food poisoning and food infection.

I'm not sure I fully understand it.

5. Read this other website that helped me understand things better.

The information is not really new to me. I kind of already know about it. It's more like I don't fully understand it; even though I've read about it before.

What I do know and understand is that food poisoning is caused by toxins, and the symptoms usually start within 24 hours after eating the food.  I think this is the type of illness that occurs after eating leftovers that have been left out too long.

What's confusing is the toxins are sometimes (or all the time?) caused by bacteria, which is also the cause of some of the infection-type illness.

The infection type illness is where you have a bacteria or virus living on the food. If cooked, the bacteria or virus dies and you're okay.  The problem is sometimes people don't cook the food well enough, OR they spread the germs of the food, when raw, onto other things.  An example of this would be someone preparing the raw chicken. They then put it in the oven, and without washing their hands properly, begin to toss a salad with their hands.  Or they take the cutting board they used for the raw chicken, rinse it quickly, and then use it to cut an apple.

6. Wondered if the fried ice-cream itself was safe, but a sign that the restaurant, in general, was not using safe cooking procedures.

Or maybe the Fried Ice-cream was bad; and sick people were made ill by both salmonella and food toxins.

I'm just not understanding how melted fried ice-cream would be a cause of salmonella.

7. Thought the ice-cream could have had salmonella if raw eggs were used.  But I'm not sure why the food would look more melted than usual.

8. Googled to see if salmonella makes food look different. The CDC says most infected foods do not look different ; and if they do, it's likely because they contain other contaminants.

9. Thought that salmonella-infected food might taste bad if it's a case of undercooked food. For example: chicken that's still pink. Gross!

10. Went to the website of the restaurant that probably caused the illness.

It's called The Jasmine and it's in a club called Wenty Leagues.

According to the article, they're being investigated for the illness of thirty-five people; but for now, they're still in business.

The incident happened in September; so this whole investigation thing is taking a long time.

11. Hoped that Wenty Leagues had one bad night; and they don't have a habit of using unsafe food practices.

12. Saw that Magda Szubanski is in the episode of Farscape I'm going to watch today.

13. Remembered that I've already seen Szubanski in an episode of Farscape. I wonder if she's going to be playing the same character as before.

14. Guessed that she is, because I saw that this episode is about wormholes; and I think the last episode I saw her in was wormhole-centric.

15. Checked to see if I'm right about Szubanski playing the same character.

I am.

16. Started to watch the episode.

17. Watched a battle scene.

I don't find them to be very exciting or interesting. Usually I'm bored when watching them.

I'm also bored while watching sports.

I'm wondering if the people who enjoy watching battles also enjoy watchings.  Maybe they're more action oriented?

18. Confused by scene on Farscape.

Furlow (Szubanski) points a weapon at The Ancient who is disguised as Jack Crichton (Kent McCord).

Then the ancient shows Furlow his true form. She looks very shocked; and then finally starts considering The Ancient's pleas, about not selling wormhole informations.

Furlow seems shocked to see a creature that doesn't have a humanoid form. That doesn't make sense to me, because she lives in the Farscape Universe. She's seen non-humanoid aliens before.

I guess maybe she's shocked that he was able to morph into something else. Maybe alien variety is common in the Farscape universe, but morphing abilities are not?

19. Took a break from watching Farscape; and read a blog post on A Welsh Girl in Australia's blog.

It's dated July 27, which is kind of funny, because the Farscape episode I'm watching first aired on July 27.  Though the blog post is from 2011; and the episode is from 2001.

Still, it's a nice little coincidence. Plus, the blog post has a picture of a cupcake with pink icing and a cherry. I love the look of pink cupcakes and cherries on cupcakes.

20. Realized that the Farscape episode aired a few months before 9/11

21. Finished watching the episode. It had a fun, exciting twist.

Soon, I'm going to start watching the next episode, which is the continuation of the previous episode.

22. Saw that Crichton's life might have the same outcome as the Tenth Doctor's.

23. Figured that eventually one of the two John Crichton (Ben Browder) clones is going to die.

I think I know where the story is going.

Crichton A has formed a romantic relationship with Aeryn (Claudia Black). He'll die; and Aeryn will be left with Crichton B. Though Crichton B has memories of a flirtatious relationship with Aeryn; he never had an actual love-romance kind of thing with her.  So I'm sure there will be all kinds of sad and awkward adjustments.

Will Crichton B still be interested in Aeryn; or has he grown more fond of the other female shipmates he's been left with?  Will Aeryn be able to bond with Crichton B; or will she be too busy mourning Crichton A?

24. Felt that the story is very similar to the one on Doctor Who. Rose was in love with the Tenth Doctor, but was sent away, for her safety, to an alternate universe. Then in a later episode, she's gifted with a clone of the Tenth Doctor. It's the same man; but not the same man. When I saw the episode, I felt I should be happy that Rose was reunited with her love. But I felt more sad, really.

It's very emotionally and morally confusing.

Someone you love dies or goes away; and you're left with an exact copy of the person. They have all the same memories of the one you lost. Is it possible to fall in love with the copy? And if you do, is that betraying the original one?

25. Remembered that the Tenth Doctor was not an exact clone. If I remember correctly, he had a little bit of Donna Noble DNA. Or something like that. With Crichton, it's different, maybe. I think the cloning was exact. Although in the cloning episode, it is mentioned that if someone is cloned too often, the copies are mentally damaged. Perhaps then, the first clone has a tiny bit of inferiority?

26. Wondered if, while crying over Crichton's dead body, Aeryn remembered that there's another exact copy of him out there.

Does she remember that he exists? If she does, does it bring her any comfort? Does it make her feel even worse? I imagine it could, because it's so confusing.

27. Thought about how I'm sad about Crichton dying; and it's not making me feel that much better that I'll be seeing the exact same man in the upcoming episode...alive and well.

It's weird.