Friday, December 11, 2015

Frankenstein, Yvonne Strahovski, Bad Yoghurt, and Shaun Beagley

1. Watched the trailer for The Legend of Tarzan, the movie that Stuart Beattie wrote.

I'm going to start watching his I, Frankenstein today.

2. Saw that Margot Robbie is one of the stars of The Legend of Tarzan.

Actually I think I saw that before; but didn't take the time to mention it.

3. Saw that Tarzan is played by True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard. That I did NOT notice before; nor did I recognize him in the trailer.


4. Started to watch an episode of season two of Review with Myles Barlow.

5. Surprised to not be offended by the few lines about sustained breastfeeding.

When Myles (Phil Lloyd) started talking about a two-year-old still breastfeeding, I braced myself for him to say something very offensive and ignorant.

Well, and he did say something ignorant. But I thought it was more funny; than offensive.

He mentioned the child being addicted to breastfeeding, and that was his segway into a segment about addiction.

I'm glad, though, that he didn't try to turn toddler breastfeeding into something perverse.

5. Saw that Dan Wylie and Anthony Hayes are on this episode.

They both play versions of themselves—drug dealing actors.  Or maybe just drug using.

6. Wondered if either Dan Wylie or Anthony Hayes use drugs—well, besides stuff like alcohol and pot.

7. Wondered which Australian actors use heroin.

8. Started watching I, Frankenstein.

The beginning has a lot of snow.

9. Saw that this is a sequel to the Frankenstein story.

10. Saw from IMDb that the movie was made mostly in Melbourne; and other parts of Australia. The snowy bit was done in Argentina.

11. Looked at the cast.

Australians familar to me: Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Steve Mouzakis, Nicholas Bell, Bruce Spence.

I'm guessing most of the other cast members are Australian as well— minus Aaron Eckhart and a few others.

12. Saw that the female lead is Australian—Yvonne Strahovski.  I've not heard of her, but apparently she has a pretty substantial American career.  She's been on The Astronaut Wives, Club, 24: Live Another Day, Dexter, and Chuck.

And I don't mean as a guest star. I think she's had substantial long-term roles on all of those.

It looks like she was the main female lead on Chuck.

On Dexter, she was on season seven and eight.  So, she wasn't a main star; but she did appear on many episodes.

13. Saw that this is a mythology type movie. There's talk of demons and gargoyles.

I was thinking to myself, this is not my type of thing. But then I remembered that I used to love Charmed.

14. Thought the movie was a bit melodramatic.

Or very melodramatic, maybe.

15. Stopped watching the film for now. I'll watch the rest tomorrow, probably.

16. Found a 2007 Tropfest Finalist film to watch.

It's called "Bad Yoghurt".

I think it's about food poisoning—one of my worst fears.

17. Saw from IMDb that the film has only one actress—a woman named Natalie Lynn.  "Bad Yoghurt" is her only credit on IMdb. This could be because she's not an actress and was in the movie as a favor for a friend.  Or maybe she wanted to be an actress, but couldn't get any film or movie work.

She could have also gone the theater route.

18. Saw that the director, Shaun Beagley, also has only "Bad Yoghurt" on his filmography.

19. Thought that Natalie Lynn looks a bit like Sandra Bullock.

20. Saw Natalie Lynn sneeze.

The 2007 films are labeled "Sneeze". Maybe all the films had to involve sneezing?  Or maybe the theme was optional?

21. Thought that "Bad Yoghurt" was a very odd movie.

The vomiting was very graceful, though.

22. Wondered if this wedding photographer Natalie Lynn is the same Natalie Lynn in "Bad Yoghurt".

They look sort of alike; but I don't for sure.

23. Found an Australian filmmaker named Shaun Beagley on Twitter.

I'm guessing he's the one who directed "Bad Yoghurt".

24. Saw that it is the "Bad Yoghurt" Shaun Beagley.  His Twitter links to his Vimeo account; and "Bad Yoghurt" is on there.

25. Watched Beagley's Indian Tommy Hilfiger commercial. It's pretty awesome.

26. Felt that commercials are underrated as an art form.

Well, I'm sure those in the advertising and business industries appreciate them.

27. Watched Beagley's Polaroid penis commercial.

I'm wondering if his commercials are real; or mock ones.

I'm not sure if that's the right word.

What I mean is was Beagley hired to do these commercials. Did they air on TV? Or did he do them for fun—to practice his filmmaking?

28. Found an article about New Kid Footwear; and it talks about Shaun Beagley doing the video work.  Beagley has New Kid Footwear videos on his video site; so I guess his work is really being used in the advertising industry.

29. Watched Beagley's "New Kid Winter".

I love the imagery in it.

30. Started to watch the second episode of The Katering Show.

This one is about ethical eating.

31. Liked this line from the show: And these days there are so many options available to those people who can afford to have principles.

I think there's a lot of truth to that.

32. Looked up the TV show Big Bite, because it's talked about on The Katering Show.

Kate McCartney was one of the stars, along with Chris Lilley.  Kate McLennan talks about how Lilley got his start on that show.