Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Infini, Childhood's End, Sad Farscape Episode, and Don Hany

1. Started watching Infini.

2. Wondered if Infini is an American movie filmed in Australia.

3. Saw from IMDb that it's not an American movie.

It's Australian.

4. Heard American accents rather than Australian ones.

That's messed up.

It's strange enough when you get American productions filmed in Australia with all Australian actors speaking American.

But if the production is Australian? Why would they make the characters American?

5. Saw that Shane Abbess, the director of the film, also made the movie Gabriel.

As far as I can see, he's Australian. Or at least he spent some of his school years there.

6. Did not like the movie so far.

The acting seems very stilted to me.

And I don't find the story interesting.

7. Started to like the movie a little more.

There's time travel stuff.

And horror.

It's pretty cool.

These boring stilted military people are hanging around not doing anything very interesting.  Then suddenly they're sent on a mission. They do some kind of teleporting thing. Then moments later they return screaming, and weird stuff is on them.

8. Saw that one actor was allowed to keep his Australian accent.

9. Saw that Luke Hemsworth is in this movie, NOT Liam Hemsworth.

I tend to get those two guys confused.

10. Found the name of the character that's speaking non-American—maybe Australian.

The character is Harry Menzies, and he's played by an actor named Harry Pavlidis.

Pavlidis is a Greek-Australian athlete turned actor.

11. Saw from an IMDb advertisement that the sort-of Australian miniseries Childhood's End is going to be on the SyFy channel on Monday.

I want to see that.

Hopefully it will go on Hulu or Netflix eventually.

12. Started watching the trailer.

It looks like V, which is cool because I loved V. Well, I loved the original—not the new one.

13. Got excited when I saw Don Hany.

Though I had to look up his name, because I forgot it.

I did remember Chris Havel, however.

14. Tried to recognize the main star—the chosen guy.

I guess it's kind of weird to TRY to recognize someone.

15. Saw the actor from The Code.

I forgot his name.

Zuckerman, something?

It's like a female name. Or a name that's usually female.


16. Googled.

It IS Ashley Zuckerman.

17. Looked at the character profiles on the Childhood End's Website.

I think the character I struggled to recognize is Ricky.

Who plays Ricky?

18. Saw that Ricky is played by an American—Mike Vogel. No wonder I didn't recognize him.

19. Felt ashamed for not recognizing Mike Vogel. He was on Bates Motel—played the not-so-nice deputy.

20. Read the description of Amy, played by Hayley Magnus.  A normal girl who lives on a normal street in a normal town becomes, with the Overlords' arrival, a key player in the future of humanity.

That'll be different. In the two things I've seen Magnus in (Mental and Slide), she wasn't exactly normal.

The word normal is confusing, though. It might be more precise to say her characters were socially awkward and outcasts.

21. Looked at the actor descriptions on the website.

They're very mysterious about Osy Ikhile. IMDb is as well. Neither gives his nation. Is he Australian? British? American? Swedish?

They list him as being on Casualty. I think that's a British show, so I'll guess he's from the UK.

22. Went to his Twitter link.

There's no location provided there, either.

Why the mystery?

Is he not from Earth?

23. Found the answer; thanks to an article.

Osy Ikhile was born in London.

24. Wondered where Osy Ikhile lives now.

Is he London-based? Did he move to Australia? Well, I guess he moved there temporarily for the movie.  Was he there before he got the part? Or did he go to Australia specifically for the movie?

25. Saw from IMDb that Childhood's End was filmed in Melbourne.

26. Went back to watching Infini.

27. Hoped that Childhood's End is better than Infini.

So far, I'm not impressed with Infini.

28. Saw that Infini is a contagion movie—mixed with teleportation.

I'm not sure I've seen that before.

29. Felt the movie had some exciting moments. The problem is contagion stories are a dime a dozen these days, so you need something more as a backbone—such as good acting and writing.

30. Started to find myself interested in the film.

I like the medical stuff; though I have no idea if it's accurate.

Whit Carmichael (Daniel MacPherson) has been infected with the contagion. He has a small window of time before he becomes one of those monsters. He's using that time to try to cure himself.

Race for a cure. That's exciting to me.

31. Stopped watching the movie for today.

I plan to watch the rest of it tomorrow.

32. Saw that Daniel MacPherson was one of the stars of City Homicide.

He played Simon.

I don't really remember him.

33. Looked at Simon on Google Images.

Now he feels sort of familiar.

But I don't remember anything about his character's personality or storylines.

34. Started watching Farscape.

If I was going to have a crush on a character; it would probably be Scorpius.

Next in line would probably be Pilot.

35.Thought about how the opening credits for Farscape changed for season three. Crichton's voiceover has an echo.

I'm wondering if that's in reference to the clone.

36. Felt very sad about Crais (Lani Tupu).

37. Hoped for a miraculous plot twist.

38. Thought this was a very sad episode.

39. Finished watching the episode.

It was very powerful and a bit depressing.

I love the relationship between Crichton (Ben Browder) and Scorpius (Wayne Pygram).

40. Looked again at the cast of Childhood's End.

There's no Don Hany listed.

Why did I see him?

Am I having Don Hany hallucinations?

That's like a Nina Proudman kind of problem.

41. Watched the trailer again.

I'm VERY sure I'm seeing Don Hany.

42. Got a screenshot.

I assure you it looks much more like Don Hany when not paused like that.

I looked at the credits again, though.

I don't see him.

Am I hallucinating, or did IMDb miss something?

43. Found an article that confirms Don Hany is in Childhood's End.