Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Lion's Den, Science Fiction Favorites, Confusion, and Stuart Beattie

1. Looked at a list of the best Farscape episodes, because I want to see if the one I watched yesterday ("Into the Lion's Den Part II")  is on it.

The episode is number three on this list.  It's beaten by the cartoon episode, though. I'm not with them on that.

2. Thought about how the "Into the Lion's Den Part II" was not only one of the best episodes of Farscape, but one of the best TV show episodes I've seen, period.

Then I changed my mind.

I can't say it's one of the best TV show episodes I've seen, because I didn't find the whole thing to be fantastic. What I'll say is I think it was a good episode with some fantastic moments. And I would rank some of those moments as the best moments on television.

3. Thought the most powerful moment was the scene towards the end with Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) and Crichton (Ben Browder). Scorpius is so sad—a mixture of disappointment, defeat, and betrayal. Crichton seems sad and confused, wondering if he made the right choice in betraying Scorpius.

It was beautifully depressing. The Crais (Lani Tupu) and Talyn stuff was as well.

4. Looked at other lists. "Into the Lion's Den" is on them. Actually, it seems most of the lists seems to have the same episodes.  So I think most fans are in agreement about what are the best episodes.

5. Thought that Farscape is a brilliant show—one of the best science fiction shows I've seen.

That being said, I'm not one of those people who've watched a huge amount of science fiction.

I've barely watched any of Star Trek.

I like the idea of Star Wars, but don't really enjoy the movies.

What I've liked?  I was a big fan of V when I was a child. I liked Alien Nation.  Last year I got really into Doctor Who. And there's Farscape. I think that's about it.

6. Looked at a list of best science fiction shows to see if I missed anything.

I forgot X-Files. I was a fan of that; but was disenchanted with it at the end.  Still, I'll probably give the reboot a chance.

7. Saw that Lost is on the list. I wasn't sure it would count or not.

But yeah. I'm a big fan of that.

8. Thought that The Walking Dead might count, too.  I love that show...usually.

9. Thought about how many of the science fiction shows I love or have loved (X-Files, The Walking Dead, Lost, and Doctor Who) are shows that I love, but I also feel they're kind of crappy. It's like, Oh, I love that show even though there are plot holes and other ridiculous things.

With Farscape, that's much less the case. I think it's much more intelligent than the other science fiction shows I love.

10. Looked at universities with Jack.

We looked at a film/television program for one.  They have a 3.5 week program where you go to Australia and New Zealand and study the Aussie/Kiwi film and television industry.

I thought that was very cool.

11. Started to watch an episode of Farscape. It's the last episode of season three.

12. Confused by the episode, so far. But I think I'm supposed to be.

There's this mysterious woman on Moya; but the Moya crew doesn't seem to know who she is either. Yet they hardly pay her any attention.

It reminds me of that episode of Torchwood, where they suddenly have a new guy that's familar to the people working there, but not to the viewers.

13. Thought that the difference between this episode and the Torchwood episode is that on Farscape, they know the woman is out of place. Or at least they repeatedly ask each other who she is.  On Torchwood, the characters fully accepted the mysterious newbie.

What both episodes have in common is an abnormally low reaction to a mysterious character.

14. Had a feeling that the mysterious woman is a manifestation of Moya.

15. Saw that I'm probably wrong.

16. Thought about what Crichton says about dreams.

When he was on Earth, he dreamed about going to outer space. Now that he's in space, he dreams of Earth.

Would that be like me if we moved to Australia?

Would I dream about the US? Would I long to come back?  How much would I miss it?

17. Finished watching the episode.

I'm not 100% sure I know what happened; but I think maybe I do.

18. Saw that Neither Hulu or Netflix has the miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

Oh well.  I still have to watch season four, which is available on Netflix.

19. Saw that Amazon has it on DVD, but they don't have it available for streaming.

What's the deal?

20. Did not see it on iTunes either.

Why have they made it so difficult to watch?

21. Read comment online saying that reason it's not readily available was it was financed by a German fan of Farscape.

I guess selling the miniseries on DVD will help the fan get more of his money back.

22. Tried to find out more about this German fan; and didn't have much success.

But I did see articles about how Farscape was cancelled; and the miniseries was a result of fan campaigns.

That's cool.

23. Went to to pick what I'll be watching next.  Well, next I'll be finishing Infini; but I picked the program that will be replacing Farscape.

It's iFrankenstein.  I hope that's good.

24. Saw that iFrankenstein was written and directed by an Australian named Stuart Beattie.  Beattie has written some well known things—Pirates of the Caribbean, 30 Days of Night, Australia, Tomorrow When the War Began, etc.

He wrote the upcoming Tarzan movie.

For Pirates of the Caribbean, he wrote for four of the already-released movies. Is that all of them so far? Maybe he didn't write for the first one? I don't know. But anyway, it doesn't say he wrote the screenplay. It says he did characters. I have no idea what that means.

25. Saw that the first Pirates of the Caribbean has six screenwriters.

On that IMDb page, it lists Beattie as (Screen Story)

26. Learned from Lord Wiki that the first Pirate movie is the same one listed as Beattie's first pirate movie. So he has been with the franchise from the beginning.

27. Started watching the rest of Infini.

28. Bored and confused by Infini.

29. Thought that one of the actors in the movie does a good job at acting crazy.  I think it might be Luke Hemsworth, but I'm not positive.

30. Wanted to say when I say he does a good job; I'm not declaring that his portrayal of craziness is accurate.

I'm just saying I like his performance.

31. Decided craziness comes in many forms; and has many different causes. So, who's to say what's authentic or not.

32. Felt this movie might be better liked by those who enjoy lots of blood and fighting.

33. Confused by the movie.

34. Finished watching the movie.  I didn't understand it.

Maybe Lord Wiki will give me a clue or two.

35. Understood the ending now, Thanks to Lord Wiki.

Understanding it, didn't make me like it more.

35. Went to to get my other next show.

It's season two of Review with Myles.

I'm not sure I liked the first season. But I kept it on the list; so maybe I did...a little?