Sunday, March 20, 2016

Not Taking Responsibility, Going to the Police, Outback Drama, and Big Little Lies

1. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

2. Thought that Evie (Philippa Northeast) was acting like a brat in this episode.

Maddie (Kassandra Clementi) is mad at her for trying to set her up with Josh (Alec Snow). Maddie feels insulted. She feels like she was treated like a charity case. I'm not sure if I agree with the charity case thing, but I can understand why she feels that way. What I do definitely agree with is Maddie's accusation that Evie made things uncomfortable between Maddie and Josh. They were having fun as friends. Now Josh is awkward around Maddie, because he thinks she has feelings for him. This is all down to Evie playing matchmaker.

I'm not thinking that Evie is a brat because of the match-making plan. It was a bit controlling and annoying, but I understand that she meant well.

What annoys me about Evie is, she refuses to take responsibility. Her boyfriend Josh (Jackson Gallagher) was against the idea from the beginning, but Evie kept pushing him to help. When Evie learns that Maddie is mad, she makes HER mistake a team effort. She talks to Josh as if he's equally to blame. When Josh starts to give her an I-told-you-so message, Evie says with exasperation, Well, instead of pointing fingers, Josh, let's think of a way to help Maddie feel better.  

I'm not against people saying the pointing fingers thing, IF they're not the ones that are the most to blame. That's the kind of thing that should be said when multiple people are to blame. It's not the thing to say when one person is to blame. And the person who IS to blame certainly shouldn't be the one to say it.

3. Watched the Evie scenes again.

Although she's the one who made the mistake, she repeatedly uses the word "we", referring to her and Josh.

I think that's so wrong. Josh never supported the matchmaking plan.

4. Saw Evie give Josh an annoyed slap on the arm after a hurt and angry Maddie walked out on them.

What the hell?

Not only does she make a mistake and not take responsibility for it, she gets angry at the innocent party.

5. Saw Evie FINALLY say the word sorry. Though it wasn't very heartfelt, and it wasn't to Maddie.

6. Didn't agree with Nat's (Kyle Pryor) anger at Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

He's mad, because she found money that Matt had stolen, and she handed it over to the police. In this episode, Matt has been at the station for questioning because there are photos of him near a ATM machine that was later robbed. Leah argued for his innocence until she found the money.

Nat thinks Leah should have kept quiet, and it's only because of her brain aneurysm that she turned Matt in.  

I think if a family member or friend is accused of a crime and you find evidence against them, it's wrong to withhold information from the police. I think the exception is if you don't think the crime should be a crime.  For example, if you're not against drugs and your roommate is arrested for having drugs, I don't think you need to take her drugs and bring it to the police station.

All that being said, I can't promise I'd do what Leah did. I'm doubting I would be brave enough.

I think it would depend, though, on who did it, and my general feelings about the person. It would also depend on how I felt about their crime or misdeed.

One scenario I've imagined before is getting in a car crash with a family member who was checking a text on their phone. This makes me so mad, and I've spoken out against it. If the police questioned me, I think I'd be eager to tell the police that the driver was voluntarily distracted.

7. Saw that not only does Nat give Leah a hard time for being honest with the police, he actually has the nerve to ask Kat, his police officer girlfriend, to look the other way about the money.

What the hell?  I hope Kat (Pia Miller) dumps him. She deserves better.

8. Started to watch the rest of Strangerland.

9. Saw some indulgent cinematography—establishing shots that linger too long.

Yesterday I was a fan of the film's cinematography. I don't know if the second half of the movie is not as good, or I was in a more tolerant mood yesterday.

10. Watched scene where Catherine (Nicole Kidman) goes into the grocery store and overhears gossip about her missing daughter.

I think it would be so hard to hear stuff like that. With the Internet, I imagine it's really hard to avoid it.

11. Felt bad, because I know I've written stuff on here about people, and if one of their friends or family member read it, they might be hurt by it.

Well, and that's actually happened. I've gotten an email or two from involved parties.

I don't think it means we should not talk about people we read about on the news. But I think we should try to be sensitive, and remember that people we're talking about, or their families and friends, might read what we've written.

12. Thought that sometimes just reading about a sad thing pertaining to a friend or family member might be hurtful. There's not always a way around that.

What COULD be avoided, though, if we have basic decency, is purposely malicious stuff.

Making guesses about where a missing person might be is one thing. Saying that you hope they're found dead is another thing.

By the way, no one said anything malicious at the grocery store. It was more trivial gossip and statements of hopelessness. It's hard for Catherine to hear such stuff, obviously, but I don't think it was excessively cruel.

13. Watched the scene again. One girl does mention that the idea that it's often a family member that's to blame (for the missing person). That's a bit low, but still it's not an outright personal attack.

14. Reminded myself that the only way not to hurt any feelings is to never share any opinions.

I wouldn't want to live in a world where opinions were never shared.

I guess maybe what I'd want for myself is not to go overboard in sharing negative opinions. I don't mean cut back on negative opinions. I mean don't go overboard in being nasty about it.

15. Got the idea that Catherine and her husband Matthew (Joseph Fiennes) each have a different favorite child in the family.

I think Catherine prefers the daughter (Maddison Brown), and Matthew prefers the son (Nicholas Hamilton).

That's causing conflict now, and I imagine it's caused conflict throughout their family's life.

16. Tried to remember if I've ever seen a situation like that—either in real life or fiction.

In real life, I've seen parents having the SAME favorite child. I'm not sure about fiction.

17. Wondered if having opposing favorite children has ever caused a marriage break up.

I imagine it could.

I think having the same favorite child-though painful on the unfavorite child-probably helps to bring a couple closer together.

18. Got that idea that Catherine is a nymphomaniac. Having a missing daughter is not putting a damper on her needs.

19. Thought that this movie is kind of the opposite of Wake in Fright and The Cars that Ate Paris.

In those movies, decent people come to a creepy outback town, and they become victims of the town.
In this movie, I think the outback town is pretty decent. It's the newcomer family that's messed up. The highly dysfunctional family comes to the town and wreaks havoc upon the residents.

20. Finished watching Strangerland.

I thought it was very good for the most part.

21. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

It's Paper Giants: The birth of Cleo. That's the one with Asher Keddie.

For a moment, I was unsure about whether or not I've already watched that.

I don't think I have. I think I've just read about it. And I watched the sister miniseries—Paper Giants: Magazine Wars. 

22. Looked at the cast list for Paper Giants: The birth of Cleo.

Besides Asher Keddie, there's a few other names and faces I recognize—Matt Day, Annie Maynard, Tim Meadows, Nathan Page, Jessica Tovey, and Kate Box.

Then there's a girl on the Hulu photo that looks very familiar to me, but I don't know who she is.

23. Did some searching and saw that she might be Maeve Dermody.

I would have seen her on Rake and Bikie Wars.

24. Thought it was interesting that Kate Box plays Germaine Greer.

I'm eager to see that.

Though I don't think I've seen much of Greer on video. I've pretty much only read stuff from and about her. So it will be hard for me to judge if Box does a good job of portraying her.

25. Heard the song "Where the Wild Roses Grow" while exercising.

For a moment, I confused Kylie Minogue with Nicole Kidman.

This is probably due more to my brain than a resemblance between them.

I'm looking at photos of both of them. Besides maybe hair color and skin color, they don't look that similar.

26. Saw that Minogue and Kidman are around the same age.

Kidman is about a year older.

27. Saw that Kidman is going to be in the first episode of a TV series called Big Little Lies.

Is that like the book?!

I think it's the one Liane Moriarty book that I haven't read yet.

28. Saw the names of the characters on GoodReads. The characters on the TV show don't seem to have the same names. But that doesn't guarantee it isn't an adaptation.

Though why would they change the names?

29. Was about to guess that it's not related to the novel.

Then I saw that Liane Moriarty is one of the writers of the series—her and David E. Kelly. He did something big, right?  Was it Ally McBeal?

30. Saw that yes, it was.

I also saw that Kelly wrote only one episode of Big Little Lies. The rest were written by Moriarty.

31. Guessed that the TV series is not going to take place in Australia. I don't know if the book did, but I think all of Moriarty's other books took place there.

32. Saw, from my iBooks app, that Moriarty has a new book coming out in July. It's called Truly Madly Guilty.