Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Package Arrived

I ordered a package of Australian food from Simply Australian in Washington.

Today the food arrived.

Here's what we ordered.

1. Honey Jumble I had never heard of these before, but we decided to try them. That's the first thing Jack wanted to open today. We both had a cookie. You can choose between white frosting and pink. I forgot which we chose. Anyway, they were okay....nothing too exciting. They taste like ginger cookies.

2. Tim Tams (Original, Black Forest Delight, Cookies and Cream) I usually don't go so overboard with Tim Tam purchases. I guess I was in a Tim Tam mood the day we ordered. I was also going to order the honeycomb ones. But I said, never mind. We'll just get honeycomb candy. Then I forgot to order that.

3. Shapes Jack and I love these. My favorites are ones I don't even eat....cheese and bacon. I love the smell. They remind me of the pepperoni sticks I ate as a child. Jack opens the package to eat, and I sniff the bag like it's a drug. Yeah....very sad.

4. Fantales Yeah, they taste like Milk Duds, but Milk Duds fail to tell me what's going on in the celebrity world.

5. Jaffas They remind me of my friend Tracey. I think maybe because she ordered Jaffas ice-cream when we were together.

6. Allen's Party Mix Jack loves all that gummi/jelly stuff.

7. Licorice Bullets I love these. They MIGHT be my favorite Australian food.

8. Milo That's for hot chocolate purposes.

9. Cadbury Special Treats Share Pack That includes twelve candy bars for us to fight over. We'll probably end up splitting them...each taking a bite. It says it comes with a Crunchie. That's a honeycomb thing. So we didn't completely miss out on the honeycomb.

10. Buderim Ginger Bears This is another food I had never heard of before. We've already tried them. I totally love them.

That's it. Please give me your input and insights. Have you eaten all of the above? Which are your favorites? Which do you not like? Do you have any favorite treats that are not on the list? Oh, and fill in the blank: I can't believe Dina did not buy any________. No, you're NOT allowed to say Vegemite.

In other news.....

The other night, Jack brought up the fact that once Tim and I had been on a plane with a celebrity. I guess we had told him about it a long time ago, and he wanted to know more. (It was Christopher Walken, btw) Then Jack reminded me that we had been lucky enough to see the back of Kevin Rudd's head. Yes, that was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. Seriously.

Jack then said something like, Are you sure it wasn't an animatronic Kevin Rudd?

That made us both laugh a lot. The kid has Disney World on his mind.

In other other news.....

We might go on a road trip in a few weeks!! We're all VERY excited. So if I disappear for a few days from this blog, don't assume I've been kidnapped by aliens.