Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen is from The Chasers. I already wrote about them when I wrote about the other guy from The Chasers. Who was it again?

Charles Firth.

My memory is so bad.

I'm honestly not in the mood to write about The Chasers. But it's on the list, so I'll do it. I'm not much in a comedic mood. I've been feeling a bit disgruntled.

Yeah. I'm a disgruntled human.

Part of the reason is I'm on edge waiting for news. If it's bad news, I'm going to be even more unhappy. If it's good news, I'm sure my mood will lift a bit. I'll be relieved, at least.

The other reason is I'm very tired of certain aspects of blogging. I love writing this blog. I love doing the research. I love looking at my Statcounter to see all the people from Australia, and around the world, who are reading. I love watching movie trailers, and bits and pieces of TV shows. It's all fun.

What I'm getting tired of is the way certain people treat me....or maybe how they DON'T treat me. I feel like an absolute nothing sometimes. This has been going on for awhile. It's definitely not something I just noticed recently.

In case anyone has noticed, this is not just an informational blog. This is a personal blog too. There have been many occasions that I've written personal stuff, and it would have been nice to have people respond. Like uh...for example. I once wrote a post about someone, and during the time I wrote that post, I hurt my toe....BADLY. I mentioned hurting my toe. People read the post. They commented on the post. I think only one person wished wellness on my poor toe. What the hell is that all about? I wish I could say it was a case of people missing a sentence. Or it was just a fluke. But that's just one example of MANY. Do I have a bunch of coldhearted people reading my blog? Is that what I attract to myself for some reason? Cause you know, I see other blogs....and they get a lot of sweet supportive comments.

It's not just the sympathetic comments that are lacking on my blog. There's also a lack of comments regarding my happy stuff. Like uh....it would have been nice if people commented on my recent Hawaii post. Glad you're having fun, Dina! Nice photos! We hope you have a safe journey. All that would have been greatly appreciated. The same goes for our winter road trip and trip to Disney World.

And I'm not talking about the people who are one time visitors. They like a particular actor. They come the post about that actor. They read. They click on some links. They go. I have no grief regarding them.

Fortunately, I do have FRIENDS who give me support....usually through email. So my life aint bad. I'm just really tired of the people who come here OFTEN, and act as if I'm just some kind of nonliving informational source. I really don't get it, personally. There are MANY sites out there that provide information about famous Australians. It would be much easier to go there; then people wouldn't have to wade through all my personal stuff.

I'm hoping that.....

A) These people change and realize I'm a human being with a life and feelings.
B) They find other websites to read, and stop visiting mine. We can be free of each other.
C) I learn to just ignore all of it, and put more concentration on the people who DO care.

I'm not really good with C, so maybe some of you can be nice and help either A or B come true. I'd deeply appreciate it.

Anyway, now that I've gotten that off my chest....I do feel a bit better. It's been bothering me for a LONG time. Hopefully I'll get a good news email soon, and then I'll feel even better.

Let's get on with the show.

Andrew Hansen.

Lord Wiki says he was born somewhere on 18 September 1974. He's two years younger than me.

For school, Hansen went to The Hills Grammar School which is in Kenthurst, New South Wales. Lord Wiki says that's a Sydney suburb in the north-west.

I'm looking at Google Maps. It's way more north than I expected. It's about 50 minutes north of the CBD.

It's way out there.

Hansen graduated from the University of Sydney. He got degrees in Australian literature and Australian history. I think those would be fun degrees, although I think I'd prefer learning it on my own. I enjoy this independent learning stuff, although I had fun in college too.

Like Firth, Hansen appeared in that documentary about university students; Uni. YouTube has some of the documentary. You know, I can't remember if I watched it before. I guess I'll watch some of it...again; or for the first time.

The video quality is not so great, but who am I to complain? Some of my YouTube videos have problems like that.

It's kind of too hard for me to watch though, so I'm going to stop.

I'm trying to figure out what to do. This is probably not an IMDb-needed post. I guess I'll stick to Lord Wiki, and watch lots of videos. I might go to some other links.

So, let's see.....

Hansen was on CNNNN. This is the show that pokes fun at American news channels.

Here's a video from that. I didn't laugh....probably because I'm in a bad mood. But I think it had a lot of truths to it. Basically, they're making fun of how the news people treat tragedy. Sometimes it seems to be all about ratings.

And here's another video. Interesting.

Hansen is on The Chaser's War on Everything. He writes for the show. He acts on the show. He sings for the show.

He composed the show's theme music. That's lovely music he's created for us.

On the show, it's been revealed that Hansen is a fan of computer games, Dr. Who, and U2.

In 2006, Hansen won an AFI award for best performance in television comedy. Cool.

I was looking at IMDb to get clarification about the award, and I saw that The Chasers War on Everything is no longer with us. I thought maybe it had become deceased, but I wasn't sure. I guess I should talk about it in the past tense then.

One of the big controversial things that Hansen did was write a song mocking some famous dead people. It was called "The Eulogy Song". I'm going to try and hear the song, or read the lyrics in a minute. I might have already done so in the past, but I can't remember it. So I'll do it again.

Lord Wiki says the message of the song is that we take people with flaws;, and when they die, we glorify them. This is true. I look at what happened with Michael Jackson. It seemed before he died, most people had forgotten him, or they saw him a joke. I don't think there was much love directed his way. Then he died, and it seemed the world was madly in love with him.

I myself have been guilty of not noticing celebrities until they died. I did it with Princess Diana, JFK Jr, Steve Irwin and Heath Ledger. I didn't pay much interest to them before they died. Then they died and I was obsessively reading news reports on them.

I really don't know what to say for myself.

I don't know what to say for any of us.

Maybe it's just the fact that they're everywhere on the news suddenly. It's hard to miss it. You see a report on their lives, and they suddenly seem interesting. First it's their death that's interesting....tragic and scary. Then you start reading about their lives, and find you kind of like them.

As for glorifying the dead...I think it's just human nature. When someone dies, we suddenly remember all the good stuff about them. Sometimes when I'm chronically mad at someone, I'll try to imagine they've died. I imagine the funeral and all the nice things people would say. I have this hope that it will help me see the positive. But honestly....if I'm really angry, I come up empty.

In terms of a song mocking the dead, I don't think I'd support it. It depends really on whether the song mocks the dead person, or the public reaction to it. I think I'd probably be okay with the latter. I think it also depends on how much time has passed, and what the nature of the criticism is. I don't think we should feel compelled to join in the glorification of the dead, but I also don't think we should use the time of mourning to mock the dead. I thought it was very tacky that Germaine Greer wrote nasty things about Steve Irwin right after he died. That's fine that she didn't like him. It's fine for her to share her opinions. But I think her timing was awful. To me, it almost seems like exploitation. Someone has died. Everyone is thinking about him now. I can write nasty things about them, and bring a lot of attention to myself.

I should probably shut up and find the song.

Here it is.

I like the first part....about his grandpa.

I don't find any of it very funny. There's some truths in his insults towards people. I'll give him that. My feeling though is that 99.9% of humans have both good and bad qualities. There's stuff that's shameful about us, and there's stuff that's great about us. I think it's kind of nice that we concentrate on the good when someone dies. We can also remember the negative, but I think it should be presented in a tasteful manner. I think also it should be remembered that some of these dead people left behind grieving parents, spouses, and children. It would be nice if people could show respect regarding that.

I'm tired of reading. I'm really not in the mood for this. I was just thinking. People are going to come to this blog for the first time, via this post, and think I'm a total bitch with high expectations of people and an awful sense of humor. Well, maybe that IS one side of me. But I have some other sides. The better sides come out when I'm not pissed at a lot of people, and worried about scary things.

I think I'm going to watch some videos. Maybe something out there will lighten up my mood. Then I'm going to quit. I think I'll do some cleaning and major exercising. That's therapeutic.

Here's a video about Pauline Hanson. It's pretty clever. So when Pauline Hanson dies, will everyone glorify her? I'm doubting it. I guess we shall see. And it's not like I'm wishing her to die soon, or anything. I may disagree with her on a lot of political stuff, but I see no reason to wish death on people.

Here's a parody of "My Favorite Things". I would probably find it funny if I was in a good mood. But now I'm sitting here thinking....how DARE you make fun of The Sound of Music! That movie is like holy to me. And Christopher Plummer is NOT a bad actor. He's awesome!

I'm going to quit here. Well, first maybe I'll watch this fan video. Maybe I'll like something in it.

The sperm thing is kind of funny. It makes me think of all those people who have these really loud mobile phone conversations in public. And you're kind of FORCED to eavesdrop. You try to read or whatever....but they keep distracting you.

The Dr. Who thing made me laugh, and I don't even watch Dr. Who.

I liked the ten question thing.

The emo thing made me laugh.

And now it's over, and so is this post.

P.S-(adding this a few hours later). I just got a massive amount of happy family emails. We were blessed with VERY good news. So at least I can stop worrying about that particular huge issue. We're all extremely relieved.

P.S II- This post was supposed to be published on April 29, but I'm publishing it today because I just don't want to hold all these bitchy feeling in anymore.

I feel all stressed about publishing my posts out of order. I'm very rigid about it. Maybe this is a good therapeutic step for me. Or maybe I've screwed up the universe (and all it's alternates) by publishing out of order. I hope not!


  1. Thank you for your blog, I do read it often because I find it really interesting. I'm sorry for not commenting (apart from ages ago when I asked if it was taking the ... and I thought that may have been offensive even though my question was sincere). I'm sorry you feel under appreciated, I guess we all do at times but thanks for your blog.


  2. Christy,

    Thank you : )

    I remember your comment, actually. I don't think I was offended.

    I probably feel that my blog is appreciated. I know a lot of people visit it and read it, so that makes me feel great.

    It's probably more that I wish people showed that they realized I'm a whole person, and not just a freaky American obsessed with Australia.

    I also wasn't really talking about lurkers...like you. I understand some people aren't really into commenting all that.

    The people I'm referring to are the ones who comment on a fairly regular basis. I read their blogs, and/or they tell me about their personal life in comments here. I show interest and comment on their personal life, but they never/rarely do so to me.

    It's kind of hard to explain.