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John Noble

I'm betting that John Noble is an actor.

The other day I remembered adding all these actors to the list. I found them on some website, and I added them all on the evening of 21 August.

I can't remember which website it was.

My goodness. I am totally blown away in surprise again. John Noble is in Fringe. He's the scientist guy. I had no idea he was Australian too.

Noble has the same birthday as Jack....August 20th. And he was born in the same year as my mom; 1948. He's fourteen days older than her.

He was born in Port Pirie, South Australia. I've heard of that, but don't know exactly where it is. I'm going to look it up on Google Maps....

It's about four hours north of Adelaide.

I'm looking at Ellen Street, in Port Pirie, on Street View now. It looks pretty cool. There's a post office with cool architecture, and then a station to the left. I'm not sure if it's a fire station, police station, or some other kind of station.

Lord Wiki doesn't have much to say about Noble. One thing that looks important is that Noble is not just an actor. He's also a theater director.

From 1987-1987, he was the Artistic Director of the Stage Company of South Australia. And from 1997-2000, Noble was the head of drama at Brent Street School of Arts.

Now I shall move onto IMDb.

In 1988, Noble was in an Australian horror movie type thing called The Dreaming. It involves Aborigines, curses, and weird dreams....TOTALLY something that would interest me.

Noble plays a doctor.

The movie was filmed in various places in South Australia.

Unfortunately, I can't find much about the movie. An IMDb user provides a small amount of information. T-birkhead says it's about a curse that's unleashed when whalers attack Aborigines. It also involves archaeologists.

In 1989, Noble was in A Sting in the Tale. It was an Australian political movie. Noble played the Prime Minister's minder. What's a minder?

This website has some information about it. What I'm getting is that it's an adviser, one with the task of taking care of the Prime Minister, making sure he looks and does okay. It sounds like a personal servant in a way.

The tagline for A Sting in the Tale is, Australia's First Female Prime Minister? Though the person listed as Prime Minister in the credits is male. Maybe it's about an election?

The movie, like the last one, was filmed in South Australia. I guess Noble didn't get to travel a lot for his career in the beginning.

In 1990, there was another South Australian movie. This was Call Me Mr. Brown. Noble did not play Mr. Brown. He was Sergeant.

Actually, this movie was filmed in both South Australia, and Sydney. It's about a guy who steals money from Qantas. Here's an article about the guy the movie is based on.

I can't find any videos for the movie, but I did find a song Call Me Mr. Brown. It's a cute little country song.

In 1993, Noble was in The Nostradamus Kid. Noah Taylor was the star.

Lord Wiki says it's about a Seventh Day Adventist Boy who believes the world is about to end. Before it does, he wants to have sex with the Pastor's daughter.

I don't think John Noble has a big part in the movie.

In the 1990's, Noble did various one time guest appearances on TV shows. I'm not going to go into those.

In 1999, he was in an Australian science fiction TV movie; Airtight. The movie is about the earth running out of air. Uh oh.

Marshall Napier is in it, and there's also an American actor from Another World.

In 2000, Noble did another Australian science fiction TV movie. This was Virtual Nightmare. I can't find much about it. The title sounds interesting.

Also in 2000, Noble did a lesbian thriller called The Monkey's Mask. Abbie Cornish, Kelly McGillis, and Deborah Mailman are in it. Those are the names I recognize.

Here's a video about the film. I guess it's a trailer. I don't think I saw John Noble. I may have missed him, or failed to recognize him.

In 2002, Noble was in another TV movie; Superfire. I think this one was American.

It was co-written by Douglas Preston. He wrote one of my favorite books; Jennie. It's a beautiful books, but incredibly sad. Now I'm seeing there was a Jennie TV movie. How did I miss that? YouTube has the movie. I'm afraid to watch it. What if it's really bad, and ruins the book for me?

I'm watching just the end. I want to see if it's the same as the book. It turns out this is a Disney movie, so I'm doubting it.

Yeah. They've totally Disneytized it. I'm sure the book is much better.

Anyway, back to Superfire. It's about fire.

Here's a scene. John Noble isn't in it, but that girl is from Dead Like Me.

Next we have another American TV movie; The Outsider. This one also starred Naomi Watts. It's a western-romance. Oh. And it was filmed in Queensland.

Here's some scenes from the movie. I'm not sure if we'll see Noble.

The movie is based on a romance novel written by Penelope Williamson. The plot deals with very religious people, and sheep.

I'm seeing blood in the snow. That's kind of gross.

I should probably search for a part with John Noble.

I'm too lazy. I'm going to move on.

Noble was in Lord of The Rings. He played Denethor. But I guess he was only in the extended version?

Here's a clip. That other guy is David Wenham, isn't it?

Lord Wiki says that the movie version of Denethor is much different then the book version. The movie turned him into a much more tragic figure. Yeah. He looked pretty tragic in that clip. It's sad.

Okay. I'm getting it now. Wenham plays Denethor's son. In the book AND movie, Wenham's character is the brother that is not Denethor's favorite. His favorite son had died. So that's what I was seeing in the scene. Denethor was having visions of his dead son.

I'm unsure whether or not that scene came from the first movie. I'm confused.

Oh! Noble was in four episodes of Young Lions. I knew I had written about that show recently, but forgot which actor was in it. It's Anna Torv, Noble's co-star of Fringe. So they've worked together before....probably. I mean there' s a chance they never had scenes together. But if not, maybe they mingled at the catering table or something.

Here are some scenes. I see Anna Torv.

Ah! There's John Noble. He appears at 7:10. He's talking about a guy named Bill Martin. Supposedly, Martin is a killer. I wonder if that's true or not.

In 2003, Noble was in the sequel to Lord of the Rings. It looks like this time, he made it into the regular movie, and was not just in the extended version.

In 2004, Noble did an Australian-American TV movie called The Mystery of Natalie Wood. Noble played a director. He's very low in the credits, so his part might have been small. He played an American actor-director named Irving Pichel. Lord Wiki says Pichel was one of those Hollywood people blacklisted by Hollywood.

Wait. Crap. We have to majorly back up. Like usual, I missed a TV show. I gotta get better about these things.

Starting in 1998, Noble was on All Saints. He played Dr. John Madsen. IMDb says he was in 32 episodes between 1998 and 2004. classifies Noble's role as being recurring.

Let's get back to our place in the timeline. In 2004, we also have Fracture. It's a New Zealand movie. Lord Wiki says the movie is about a young mother who has to deal with the fact that her brother broke a woman's neck in a burglary. That would be such a sad situation. I don't think it's often dealt with in books and movie. Or maybe it's just something I don't encounter. I don't read a whole lot of crime stuff. But how would it feel if someone you love was convicted of a horrible crime?

In 2006, Noble was in the horror movie Voodoo Lagoon. This film website says it's about college students who get lured into holidaying on a remote island. It ends up the guy who lured them is some wicked voodoo practitioner. I wonder if Noble plays the evil guy.

Here's the trailer. I see Noble at :39.

Even though the movie was made by a British film company, and was filmed in Australia, I hear a lot of American accents. Although it's not like the trailer has a ton of talking.

The guy at 1:28 sounds a little Australian...maybe.

I'm not sure what Noble's accent is supposed to be. It's like a horror movie character accent.

Noble was in Running Scared. His character's name was Ivan Yugorsky. Is that Russian?

Well, Lord Wiki says there's a Yugorsky Peninsula in Russia.

The plot of the movie involves dirty cops, guns, abusive stepparents, and the Russian mob.

Here's the trailer. I think that's noble at about 1:15.

One of the actors (Cameron Bright) is from the Twilight movies. He plays Alec. I'm not sure who that is. From Google, I'm getting that he's part of the...what do you call it? Those Italian vampires.

Ah! The Volturi. Here we go. Lord Wiki's cousin provides more information. Alec is Jane's twin. Jane is the one played by Dakota Fanning.

In Running Scared, Cameron Bright plays a kid who kills his stepfather. I think John Noble plays his step-uncle.

Noble was on Home and Away in 2006. He played Dr. Helpman. From what I see on this Home and Away forum, he was not exactly a good guy. He got in trouble for sexual harrasment.

Also in 2006, Noble did a Jewish-related movie called One Night with the King. It's about Esther, the Purim hero. Purim is the holiday where a story is read, and everyone makes loud noisemaker noises when the villian (Haman) is mentioned. It's also the holiday where Jews eat Hamentashen. Those are pretty yummy.

Noble plays Prince Admantha. I tried to google him, and just got information about the movie. Maybe he was added to the story? Or maybe I'm not digging deep enough.

Here's the trailer. I think it's cool they made a movie out of the story. I wonder if it's any good.

Lord Wiki says the movie generally got bad reviews. But the American Biblical Society liked it. I wonder how it was perceived by Jewish groups.

In 2007, Noble was in the series Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji. He had one of the main parts, it looks like. There were only thirteen episodes. I can't tell if it was a miniseries, or if it was an unsuccessful show that was pulled off the air. The plot sounds a bit like Jumanji, but instead of a board game you have a video game. Or maybe I should say it's like Pleasantville, but instead of getting sucked up in a TV Show, the kids get sucked up into a pirate video game.

I think it would be awesome to get sucked up into a fiction long as I knew I could get out in a week or so.

Lord Wiki says the show was a sequel to a past show, just called Pirate Islands.

Noble was in two episodes of 6. Does that mean it's season 6? Has that show really been on that long?

Noble appeared in the hours between 5-7 pm; dinner time.

He played Anatoly Markov. IMDb says he's a shady, corrupt Russian consulate operating with terrorists via L.A. Lord Wiki's cousin says that Markov gets his finger cut off by Jack Bauer. I guess the show supports torture. I wonder if it's favored by right-wing people.

I just googled and there are a lot of blogs/articles about the subject. Here's one of them. It seems it IS often well-liked by right-wing people. And Lord Wiki says the same thing. It's popular with the conservatives, and the creator of the show is a Republican.

Still....not all fans of the show are right-wing. Tim's very left-wing, and he used to love the show. Although he did get tired of it. Maybe all the right-wing stuff started to bother him.

In 2008, Noble started working on Fringe. He plays Dr. Walter Bishop, a fringe scientist. I'm going to read the character description that Lord Wiki provides. I'm curious about what's been going on with this guy. Some of it I saw in the episode or two we saw. I'm getting some memory twinges.

Bishop worked for the government as a fringe scientist. Then an accident happened in the lab. He was convicted of manslaughter, and put in an institution. Well, he was supposedly using students as lab guinea pigs.

Here's something fun. Bishop had parts of his brain removed, and implanted into other people. This was to remove information about a dimension gateway. Maybe that's the alternate universe thing? The people with the brain transplant go insane, but they're okay again once the brain tissue is removed. I am LOVING this.

I guess Bishop is a bit nuts, but when he gets back his brain tissue, he's sane. Well, Lord Wiki says he's temporarily sane. I guess they don't put the stuff back in permanently.

I gotta start watching this show. I'm intrigued by the alternate universe stuff. Lost, which has one or two of the same creators as Fringe, also deals with alternate universes.

I've been thinking of alternate universes lately, and I think it's the one science fiction/supernatural thing that would totally explain my life. I can't say I like the idea though. I prefer reincarnation, spirits, and all that kind of fun stuff. I guess there could be both. Maybe?

Anyway, alternate universes could explain:

A) Why I feel an instant bond or connection with certain people....or why I feel an aversion to other certain people. Maybe in another life, I have a huge relationship with them.

B) It could totally explain my Australian obsession. Maybe in an alternate universe, I AM Australian. Or maybe those I'm close to, in another universe, ended up in Australia. So this obsession is my way of finding them again. My Australian obsession has also brought me some American friends. I'm not sure how that would fit in, but it could.

C) I get really bad feelings about various I'll see a word or an image....something on TV. I'll feel a horrible sense of dread. Fortunately, these things rarely play out to be something scary. But maybe they're thoughts seeping in through experiences in an alternate universe.

D) My meaningless psychic dreams. I sometimes have psychic dreams, but they're usually incredibly trivial. I can't imagine they're there for some deep purpose, like Allison Dubois' dreams on Medium. Maybe random memories are just leaking through.

I've seen or read stuff that says every time we make a decision, an alternate universe is created. Maybe it was an episode of Outer Limits. That's mind boggling. I feel it could be true.

I still prefer reincarnation. I like imagining that I feel a connection to people because in a past life we were best friends or something.

Anyway, I should really start watching Fringe. It sounds like something I'd like.

I just went to pee, and while I was on the toilet....I didn't sing this time. But I did do some thinking. I think the Jane Roberts' Seth books deal with the alternate universe idea.

Yeah. Lord Wiki says I'm right. He says the books deal with a concept called the Many-worlds interpretation. He's now reminding me of various fiction things that use the concept.

There's Stephen King's Darktower series. I think Lost was heavily inspired by that. The whole series of Sliders was about Parallel universes. Charmed had a few episodes. I remember those. Well actually, I think they used the alternate world/time travel theme several times.

There are tons on the list. I'm not going to name them all.

Here's a scene from Fringe.

Wow. This is full of suspense. So far I don't see Noble, but I'm enjoying Anna Torv.

Here's Noble. He appears at 3:10.

The man that appears at 4:38 is also on Lost.

I'm looking at the official site of the show. It looks like season two just ended. Maybe I'll catch up via YouTube, and Lord Wiki. Then I can watch season three. Maybe it will replace Lost for me, although I already have Flashforward as a replacement. I was considering V, but I don't much like that show.

Fox has the full episodes, but I'm doubting it will work on my computer. My computer is a bit outdated.

Wait. It's working! Cool.

Although I just remembered I also have True Blood to watch soon. I get stressed out if I have too many shows to watch. I feel way overwhelmed. Well, I'll just watch a little here and there to get caught up. If I like it, I'll watch season 3. When does that start?

Lord Wiki says it will begin in Autumn (Northern Hemisphere version) 2010. So that's good. True Blood's season three should be gone by then. I'll just have FlashForward, Fringe, and Medium. I can handle that.

Enough about my TV schedule. I'm asking Lord Wiki about fringe science. I thought it was the same as pseudoscience, but he says it's different. Both sciences are controversial and often rejected by the mainstream. But fringe scientists adhere more strictly to the scientific method. I think it's open to interpretation though. There's that book I read....The Conscious Universe. It talks about how parapsychologists will use the scientific method, statistics, etc....all that stuff that is needed for science to be science. Yet it's still rejected by the scientific community, and/or it's held to much more rigorous standards and expectations.

Let me get back to Noble's filmography.

In 2009, he did a voice in the video game The Saboteur. Lord Wiki says it's a World War II thing.

In 2010, Noble is going to be in the movie Risen. I thought it was a horror-thing, but it's not. It's a sport biography.

Here's John Noble's official site. They list some of the plays he's been in. And it might have other stuff that people might want to look at.

I'm going to watch a couple of interviews, and then quit. I have Sims 3 now! Tim got a new computer.

Here's something from the Los Angeles Fox network. The news guy says Americans love Australian actors. Okay. Then why don't we let them keep their Australian accents? What's the point? I mean I do understand that actors like to fake accents. It's part of acting....playing someone that you're not. But I think it should be a once-in-awhile thing. I think Australian actors should bless us with their Australian accents. It should be, Cool. Did you hear Rachel Griffith's American accent? I'm impressed. She imitates us perfectly....rather than Rachel Griffiths is Australian? What? I had no idea!

Noble says that in America, actors get more attention from fans. I wonder if that's true. I wonder if we're a bit more crazed here. To my credit though, I saw actors when we lived in New York. I never bothered them. I just looked, enjoyed, and then went about my way. Tim saw Jorge Garcia at the grocery store in Hawaii. I was very proud of him, because he didn't approach him. He said the reason he didn't was because he couldn't remember the actor's name. But I said it's good he didn't. The guy was grocery shopping. I don't think people should be pestered in their real life day-to-day business. I mean maybe if you're on an elevator with someone, you can say something brief....or if they buy something at your store. I love your show, by the way. But I don't think it's nice to attack someone with gushing, or ask for their autograph. That's just my personal opinion. If an actor is at a work related thing, then I think it's totally fine to approach a convention or something. For example, if we saw Jorge Garcia on the set of Lost, and he was taking a break....then I think it would be okay to go up to him. We could act like crazed fans, and I wouldn't feel guilty. I think that's different from bothering someone as they're shopping.

This is nice. In the interview, Noble says that Dr. Bishop is his dream character. That's great. I like his character too. And I'm glad he likes his character.

A YouTube user says this about the interview: It's interviewers like this that result in the rest of the world concluding that Americans are as dumb as dog shit. I might agree with him. The interview grates on my nerves. Although I think I've seen Australian morning shows that are just as bad. It's just this certain style of interviewing. I find it hard to tolerate.

Anyway, I'm going to quit here and see what Jack's up to. He says he's learning Japanese. I've been pushing him to do this since he likes Nintendo so much. Maybe I've finally gotten through to him. Although I think our Hawaii friends probably deserve most of the credit. Alex (who Jack adored) is fluent in Japanese.

So...that's cool. If Jack actually learns Japanese, maybe I'll learn too. know what would be an awesome language to learn. Hawaiian! And I still really want to learn an Aboriginal language. I'll probably never learn any language, because I can't stick to one thing. Maybe I should just learn a little of each language. That's probably what's best for me.

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