Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Opinion of Melbourne

One of the big questions of our trip:  How would we feel about Melbourne?  Would I like it as much as Sydney?  Would I like it less?  More?

By the time we got to Melbourne, I was tired of big cities. I had minimal interest in going to the CBD.   It's not Sydney's fault.  In the past few years, I've felt my love for big cities decreasing.  I saw it happening in London, in New York City, and in Washington D.C.

Months ago, I had seriously considered decreasing our city time in Australia and increasing our small-town time, but I didn't get around to doing it.  Also, I had brought it up to Tim and Jack one day. Neither of them had seemed eager to subtract Sydney or Melbourne time.  

So...we had seven nights in Sydney and ten nights in Melbourne.

Fortunately we weren't staying in the Melbourne CBD.  We stayed in St. Kilda. St. Kilda is loud and wild with drunk party people at night, but it's peaceful during the day.  Plus there are a ton of Rainbow Lorikeets. I was absolutely delighted with that.  

I liked St. Kilda.

I didn't like leaving it behind to go to the CBD.

The CBD was crowded and overwhelming, though I won't say I disliked it.  On our first day there, we went to Federation Square.  There was a public dance class that we watched for a few minutes.   The whole thing had a really good vibe to it. I felt very happy to be there. I think that was my favorite CBD moment.

On our last Melbourne day, we went to the Victoria Market and I went on a souvenir shopping spree.   I bought an I Love Melbourne t-shirt.  And I felt the love. I truly did.

Now I don't. 


Halls Gap.

My love for Halls Gap blew it all away.

I thought the Melbourne CBD was fairly great, even though I'm no longer a fan of such things.

I thought St. Kilda was awesome—a place I'd definitely want to return to.

But the love greatly diminished after I met Halls Gap.

St. Kilda might have a few Rainbow Lorikeets. Yeah.

Halls Gap has Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Gang Gang Cockatoos, Crimson Rosellas, Emus, kangaroos....all kinds of things.  

Halls Gap was definitely my favorite leg of the trip.  Melbourne was second best. But when I think about it, my favorite days of the Melbourne section of our trip, was when we went on day trips to Healesville and Daylesford.  

Unless my feelings change, I'm thinking if we're blessed enough to return to Australia someday, I'd like to spend most of our time in small towns.  We'll see if Tim and Jack feel the same way.   If not, I'm sure we can figure out some sort of compromise.  


  1. Phew. I was worried you were going to say you didn't like Melbourne! I'm glad you liked it, although I wouldn't have been surprised if you weren't a fan. I think Melbourne can take a bit longer to 'grow on you' as it doesn't have Sydney's spectacular natural beauty. Its charms are less obvious.

    We've been exploring Victorian country towns - some large, some tiny - in the last year or so and although I'm a comitted city slicker (despite my country upbringing), I've really enjoyed it. They have so much character.

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  3. Ooops, hit the wrong key.

    While I liked our time in Melbourne (St. Kilda) which was aided by the fact we had a blast with our Melbourne friends, I have to agree, there's a charm to smaller towns and out of the way places. Halls Gap was awesome for all of the same reason Dina gave.

    Definitely agree when we go back, the itinerary should be reversed where we spend most of our time journeying and staying in small towns.

    Loved our trip but most of all loved spending time with my wife (Dina) and son!!!

  4. Gun-bae,

    Yep. It's great being with friends and family when traveling...even when they try to spread communicable dairy-based diseases.

    I loved being with you and Jack plus our friends. It's really nice that I have to miss only part of our traveling group. It's good that we get to come home together.

  5. Jayne,


    Yeah. I thought Melbourne was great...as far as big cities go.

    Which of the small towns are your favorites?

    I'd love to explore more of them.

    I'm wondering if there are towns very similar to Halls Gap, whether in Victoria or other states.

  6. Communicable dairy based diseases??? What? Do you mean the egg incident? lol

    It was hard with the CBD thing as we don't really spend a lot of time there but there are 'touristy' things to do and well I dragged you in there to meet up with me so I could pass my daughter on to you. And we really only spent time in Swanston St which isn't the best part of the CBD by any means. I love the inner city suburbs. I really wished I could have given you a tour of where I grew up etc to show you more of Melbourne Inner suburbia. I love Daylesford and I'm now madly in love with Halls Gap too. There is something magical about that place indeed.

  7. Tracey,

    Egg thing? What egg thing? Was there an egg thing?!

    Think hard about the dairy-based disease. I think you'll get it eventually.

    Oh yeah. We forgot to see where you grew up. : (

    I did like seeing where you're living now. Although I know you're not super happy with it. Still...it was really nice being there.

  8. hahaaa... I remember now.

    Tell Jack I said *Cheese touch* :-D

    The egg thing...when I had no idea about the refrigerated egg to non and back again :-)

  9. Tracey,

    The eggs...NOW I remember!