Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First Episode Of Offspring (spoiler warning)

Well, I think I'm hooked least for now.

I want to move back in with the Proudmans. 

At first, the imaginary ghost Patrick scenes felt like someone stomping on my heart. But then I got used to them, and I started thinking wouldn't it be cool if they continued? And Offspring could become a story about a woman and her imaginary ghost husband.   

I don't think that's going to happen. Didn't Matthew Le Nevez move to Los Angeles?

The episode reminded me a little bit of the season two premiere of Ugly Betty.  The whole love-in-your-imagination thing.

It also reminded me of Love My Way with the use of dead character flashbacks.

I hope Offspring doesn't end up being as depressing as Love My Way. Although both shows are excellent at showing all that raw grief stuff, I can imagine Offspring will go in a lighter direction.  

I'm wondering if Deborah Mailman and John Waters are going to make any appearances?  I hope so.  

Oh. I just thought of something. What if Le Nevez ended up hating Los Angeles, so he came back to Offspring?  

Well, no.  I just googled and according to this article he filmed scenes before leaving. I guess the good news is there's going to be scenes throughout season five. And I shouldn't really be wishing for an actor to hate Los Angeles. That's selfish of me.  

You know what's funny. When I started to watch the episode, I clicked the wrong button and ended up on the pilot episode. I saw Don Hany's name and thought, oh, they're bringing HIM back?  Really.  I was kind of annoyed, actually. I don't know why.  I liked him.  

But I liked Patrick more.

As I said in my last post, I have only enough gift card money to watch nine episodes.  I think there are going to be eleven, so...I'll have to miss two. Earlier today I used to pick two episodes to miss.  I ended up with 2 and 9.  After I finished watching the first episode, I thought...NO WAY. But now I'm feeling less intense. I think I can survive the deprivation.  If Nina can survive without Patrick, I bet I can survive not watching two episodes of Nina surviving without Patrick.  

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