Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recurring Dreams and Other Stuff

I was just thinking how I have three recurring dreams about Australia.

1. We're in Australia and it's our last day there.  I think maybe there's some sadness and regret.

2. We're in Australia and I've forgotten to contact certain friends. I feel guilty and make excuses to myself. (Maybe this is often combined with the first one)

3. I make plans to go to Australia alone, but when it comes time for the plane ride, I feel sick about leaving Tim and Jack.

I feel I should say more, but I'm at a loss for least when it comes to the subject of my recurring Australia dreams.

So, let's change the subject.....

Des on Neighbours reminds me of Marshall on How I Met Your Mother.

In the episodes I'm watching lately, Guy Pearce plays this sweet young guy who has the hots for this really snobby brat. It's fun to see someone famous and successful back when they were less famous and successful.

Today I was looking at quotes on GoodReads. There was one from JK Rowling in which she mentioned the whole thing of saying Candyman three times in a mirror. It made me think that at one time she was an average movie-goer person; not a famous writer.  

Then you have all these actors on 1980's Home and Away and Neighbours. I'm guessing they were pretty famous back in the day. Now a lot of them have vanished from the limelight.

It's funny how things change.

And sometimes it's sad.

This week on my Home and Away episodes, Roo Stewart left Summer Bay. I liked her, so I'm not liking that change.  Thanks to spoilers, I'm already sad about future changes. Such as Tom Fletcher drowning and the Pippa Fletcher actress-switch.  One day Martin and Lance are going to go away. They annoy me sometimes, but I can't imagine Home and Away without them.

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