Monday, May 4, 2015

The Logies

Seeing the list of Logie winners makes me feel I'm on a whole different wavelength when it comes to Australian television. It makes me feel out of touch.

Because I haven't seen many of the shows that had the winners...mainly because they're not yet available on Hulu.

I do know of Asher Keddie. I guess that's something. I wonder if she's going to keep winning for the next ten years.

Now I'm looking at Lord Wiki's list of all the nominees. Julia Morris from House Husbands is on it. She was in competition with Keddie. I like her, and I love House Husbands. I wonder, though, why she's the most popular actress on the show. Why did she get nominated instead of her castmates?

Then there are actors listed that I'm familiar with but not for the show they've been nominated.

Craig McLachlan was nominated for The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I know him from House Husbands. I think I also saw him in a few episodes of Home and Away. He had just arrived when the YouTuber, who was providing me with my ticket to Summer Bay, had her account terminated.

Ashley Zuckerman was nominated for The Code.  I haven't seen that, but I've seen Zuckerman as a police officer in Rush.

And another Rush person was nominated. Nicole de Silva.  She was nominated for Wentworth.

Oh! I see there is someone else nominated that I know from what they're nominated for. Olympia Valance was nominated for Neighbours.  I'm wondering the same thing I wondered with House Husbands. Why is this particular individual favored over the others?

Sometimes there's a star who steals the show, and it's obvious to me. I mean I can agree with the favoritism. Examples: Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Parsons, Michael J. Fox.....

I can't see it with Olympia Valance and Julia Morris. Don't get me wrong. I think they're both wonderful. I adore them both. But I don't see them as being more charming and interesting then their castmates.

I feel like I'm missing something.

Maybe it's because I'm not Australian.

If I was Australian, maybe I'd understand it all better.

Edited to Add: And I'm disappointed in the lack of nominations for Wonderland.  If it were up to me, Wonderland would have won everything. WELL...I mean everything applicable. I wouldn't expect them to win best reality program or anything like that.