Sunday, January 17, 2016

Magpie Diets, Wicked Science, Dinosaur Scene Mystery, and a Very Gross Film

1. Had a dream about Halls Gap. There's a sense we were soon leaving; or at least the idea that we weren't going to be there for long. I make a quick trip to the food store in town. I look at the bird seed they have available near the counter. I see two choices. One is way too big, and the other is a bag that seems a bit too small.

I then remember learning that Magpies are supposed to eat meat rather than seed. I consider providing meat for them.

When we went to Halls Gap, in real life, I gave the Magpies bird seed. Later I learned they were meat eaters. Hopefully, they have the digestive system to handle bird seed.  Either way, though, what I did was pretty irresponsible. It's kind of inexcusable in the age of Internet. It would have taken me only a few minutes to look up the diet of the Magpie. Or maybe I just figured if the birds ate it, it was part of it's diet.

2. Consulted Lord Wiki.

He says the Australian Magpie is omnivorous. But then he gives examples of what the bird eats, and it's all animals. That's a bit confusing.

3. Reread and saw Lord Wiki wasn't being confusing.

I just missed something.

Lord Wiki says the Magpies are also known to eat walnuts, grains, tubers, and figs.

So maybe seed and raison type mixes are okay as well?

Maybe I'm not as bad as I thought I was.

But no...still. I should have Googled to get more information.

4. Found a animal rescue site that has ideas for feeding rescued Magpies and other birds—including the Kookaburra.

They refer to these birds as insectivores rather than omnivores.

One food they suggest is dry puppy food soaked in water. 

They also have recipes for other food ideas; but the dog food sounds much easier.

5.  Decided to try to blog and edit on my phone. Then I can be a mobile blogger.  Although I worry I'll accidentally post an unfinished post.

6. Did not do any real blogging from my phone even though I now know how to blog from my phone.

Now I'm home.

7. Started to watch Weird Science; then got the idea it wasn't what I meant to watch.

Then I looked in my notes and saw I wanted to watch Wicked Science.

8. Started watching an episode of the correct TV show.

Saskia Burmeister is a teenager in this. I'm used to seeing her older.

9.  Remembered seeing the dinosaur scene from this episode of Wicked Science.

I'm guessing I watched it for a post, but I have no idea why.

My first guess is it would have been one of my biography posts.

But who would I be writing a biography about?

I don't think it was any of the actors.

Maybe the director?

10. Looked at the cast and crew of the first episode of Wicked Science.

I don't think I've written a post on any of those people.

11. Looked at the cast and crew of the series in general. I don't see any of my post subjects there either.

12. Tried to search through my blog for answers.

That wasn't very helpful, unfortunately.

13. Impressed with the dinosaur special effects on the show.

It doesn't look too fake to me; though I might not be the best to judge.

14. Wondered how the dinosaur scene was done.

Computer graphics, maybe?

15. Glad I wondered how the dinosaur scene was done.  I Googled, and ended up on the Australian Screen (ASO) website. At one time, one of my blogging activities was watching ASO videos So, I think now I have the answer to why I saw parts of the Wicked Science episode before.

16. Saw that ASO agrees with me. They too think the dinosaur effects are impressive.  They say,
The high quality special effects typical of the series are quite spectacular in this scene.

17. Read about how the dinosaur stuff was done.

I don't fully understand it, but it involved computers and sculptured models.

18. Finished watching the episode.

19. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

20. Appreciated this episode for having a trivial-comic relief type storyline about a graffiti vs. art argument.

The first few episodes of the season were very melodramatic, but that has lessened as the season has progressed.

I kind of figured that would happen.

21. Went to the Tropfest website.

Tonight I'm going to watch a 2008 film called "Scab".

22. Started watching the film.

23. Thought the film was very gross.

Because of the scab.

It's under this guy's nose, and when he breathes, it moves.

24. Saw the man lick his scab.


25. Wondered if the people in the movie are Japanese or Japanese-Australian.

I guessed initially that they were Japanese Australian, but the music playing is Japanese, and the kid in the film has Japanese books. They seem to be Japanese-Japanese.

26. Saw a child help set the stage for his father to have a sex dream. This was so the kid could trick his sleeping father into thinking he was kissing a pretty woman rather than having his scab torn off.

This film is so bizarre.

27. Saw that the credits were made up of Japanese people.  So I don't think the film was Australian in anyway.

Tropfest is open to everyone, as far as I know. But I think most contestants are Australian.

28. Saw from IMDb that the film was filmed in Tokyo.

29. Wanted to say I appreciate "Scab" for succeeding in grossing me out. It's a very clever film.

But I can't say I enjoyed it.