Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Accents, Tough Love, Hugh Jackman, and Voices

1. Started to watch an episode of Wicked Science.

2. Thought that a teacher's (Natalie Walker) voice and accent, on the show, was very similar to Toni Collette's.

3. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

4. Thought this scenery from Home and Away was quite beautiful.

But it took me so long to get a screenshot; now I'm quite over it.

I forgot what buttons to press.

5. Thought about how both Coronation Street and Home and Away have an innocent man who is encouraged to plead guilty because it will get him a lighter sentence.

Is this a Commonwealth thing? I'm doubting it. We probably have the same thing in the US.

It seems a bit stupid and unfair.  

6. Looked at an American law website.

The craziness applies to Americans as well.  If you plead guilty and skip the trial, you're likely to get a lighter sentence.

Now this makes total sense if you're actually guilty. Why not own up to your crime rather than putting a jury, judge, and lawyers through a bunch of hard work and drama?

But if someone's innocent, I don't think they should pretend to be guilty to get a lighter sentence.

I guess the problem is the lawyer might not believe his innocent client is innocent.  

7. Liked the tough love that Andy (Tai Hara) shows towards Hannah (Cassie Howarth). She's wanting to change doctors because her doctor is pushing physical therapy. She wants Andy to stand behind her, which he had been doing. But then he tells her no. She can't keep hiding behind him.  

8. Thought about how some people view support as always standing behind a person's decisions. But if they're unhealthy decisions, what we become is enablers.

Sometimes support is fighting against someone's unhealthy choices.  

9. Thought it's not always easy, though. Because we have different opinions about what is healthy and not healthy and what is an okay transgression and what's not okay.  

I have resentment towards my family for not fighting against me when I was over-exercising and exhibiting eating disorder behavior.  On the other hand, I'd get annoyed if someone in my family tried to stop me from eating an extra large helping of ice-cream.  

10. Thought about how someone online tried to get me to see I had an eating disorder. I didn't like that and bitched her out. But later I was grateful.  

11. Wondered if there would be any time I'd be immediately grateful that someone spoke up against my choices and/or actions.

I'm doubting it.

I think usually I'd be annoyed, angry, and resentful.  In some cases, later I might be grateful. In other cases, I'd resent it for a very long time.

12. Thought I'd be more accepting of advice that keeps me from self-harm and less grateful for advice that's about keeping me thin enough and pretty enough to fit within my parent's standards.  

13. Thought that whether advice and interference is met with gratefulness or antagonism depends on these factors:

A) Whether the concern is about damage to health rather than beauty/style matters. 

B) Whether the advice comes from well-researched information rather than ignorance.  

C) Whether the viewpoint of the advised person is taken into account.  

Since I'm a vegetarian, it would be kind of someone to warn me that the pasta I'm about to eat has bits of bacon in it. I would appreciate that. I would not appreciate someone warning me that the pasta is high in carbs. Since I'm not on a low-carb diet, I'd find that really annoying.  

14. Thought that whether advice is welcomed or not, it IS warranted if you've endured the person's suffering in the past.

I will warn against Jack and Tim overeating because I've seen them feeling unwell from this. And, on a selfish note, I have a phobia of vomiting. So I get nervous about that.  

15. Decided I'm probably really annoying when it comes to food stuff—mostly because of the vomiting issues. I freak out about things like overeating, food poisoning, and having a large drink after going on a spinning ride. 

So while my parents have their fear of people getting chubby, I have a fear of people puking. Jack will probably resent me to the same level that I resent my parents.

16. Thought I derailed a bit—took the topic of pushing an injured person to rehabilitate over to food/dieting issues.

As for physical therapy and rehabilitation, that's a hard one.

I think sometimes people need a push. But it's hard, because we don't know how they're feeling.

Are they lying in bed all the time, because they're truly tired and/or in pain? Or are they being lazy? 
Are they lying around all the time because they're depressed? Or are they depressed because they're lying around all the time?  

Well, no. I don't think lying in bed would actually cause depression. But it could maybe worsen it.  

17. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a film that features Hugh Jackman—or someone who looks a lot like Hugh Jackman.

The film is called "Uncle Jonny".

18. Started watching the film.

It starts with the sound of cute young Aussie voices doing math.

19. Thought the narrator of the film has a very cute voice.

He kind of reminds me of an Aussie Haley Joel Osment. 

20. Did not see Hugh Jackman in the film yet. Maybe he's not in it?

21. Saw Hugh Jackman...maybe.

He plays Uncle Russell. Maybe.

22. Thought the film was adorable—mainly because of the little boy's voice. He's extremely cute.

23. Saw from the credits that I wasn't having Hugh Jackman delusions.  

It's funny. He has a tiny role in the film; yet, of course, it's his photo in the icon.  

It would probably have been more logical to have a photo of the actor that played Uncle Jonny, since he was the title character.

But yeah. Using Hugh Jackman's photo probably attracted more viewers.

24. Thought of how Jack wants to change my book cover for The Dead Are Online. Maybe we should use a picture of Hugh Jackman.  

25. Looked at the filmography of Mark Constable, the writer and director, of "Uncle Jonny". 

He seems to be a character actor. 

His most recent screen appearance was on an episode of Fat Tony and Company.

26. Saw that constable was also an actor in "Uncle Jonny". He played the title character.

27. Saw that the actress who played Aunt Louise is a pretty accomplished actress. She's one of the stars of Wentworth.

28. Saw, while looking at cast of Wentworth, that Danielle Cormack's character is named Bea Smith. That's the same character name that Val Lehman had on Prisoner. 

I didn't realize that yesterday.  

29. Saw both shows also have a Vera Bennett.

I knew Wentworth was a reboot of Prisoner, but I didn't know they had some of the same characters.

I wonder if all the characters from Wentworth were also characters in Prisoner.

30. Saw both shows have a Joan Ferguson. The earlier version is the character played by Maggie Kirkpatrick. 

31. Saw both shows have a Doreen, but one is a Doreen Anderson and the other is Doreen Burns.

The Doreen Anderson was the character played by Collette Mann.

32. Went back to looking at the cast and crew of "Uncle Jonny". 

33. Wondered how Mark Constable was able to get Hugh Jackman in his film? Personal friend? Friend of a friend? Friend of a friend of a friend?

34. Saw that Hugh Jackman is going to play PT Barnum in a movie.

That might be interesting.  

35. Saw that Hugh Jackman is going to be in a musical called Broadway 4D

Christina Aguilera is in it, and her character is Evita Peron.

I wonder what the movie is about? 

36. Started to watch a behind the scenes video about Broadway 4D; though it seems to just be a slideshow.  I can't tell much from it. 

My guess, though, is the movie is about the making of Evita?  

37. Saw from this article that Broadway 4D isn't really a movie. It's more of a NYC attraction kind of thing.  

38. Saw, from Twitter, that Kevin Rudd and his granddaughter baked a cake together.

He took a photo. It's very casual and cute.

The cake itself looks like how my baking experiments usually turn out—looks bad but tastes good.

Okay...well, honestly. My baking experiments sometimes taste about as good as they look. 

39. Hoped Rudd and his granddaughter had fun baking together.

I wonder if this baking was done in Australia or New York.

40. Googled Mark Constable and found that he has a voice-acting page with an agency called Sue Barnett and Associates.

41. Started to listen to samples of his voice.

He has a strong Australian accent.  

42. Heard Mark Constable portraying a sperm in a condom commercial.

43. Looked at the actresses that Sue Barnett and Associates represent. There're are some I recognize—Sibylla Budd, Danielle Cormack, Zoe Cramond, Linda Cropper, Helen Dallimore, Nicole Da Silva, Leah de Niese, Lucy Durack, Georgina Haig, Celia Ireland, Simone Kessell, Deborah Mailman! Robyn Maxwell, Morgana O'Reilly, Susie Porter, Emily Robins, Leanna Walsman, and Alison White.

44. Did not remember why I know Zoe Cramond.  

45. Reminded by Lord Wiki that Cramond plays Amy on Neighbours.

46. Went to the actor page.

The ones familar to me: Roy Billing, Grant Bowler, Jack Campbell, Mark Constable, Damian de Montemas, Guy Edmonds, Gyton Grantley, John Jarrett, Joel Tobeck, Damien Walshe-Howling, and Felix Williamson.

47. Thought George Mason looks kind of familiar.

Is he on Home and Away?

48. Looked at Mason's profile on the agency site.

He IS from Home and Away.

49. Listened to Deborah Mailman's voice demo.

Sometimes she doesn't sound like the Deborah Mailman I've used to (AKA Kelly) 

If I heard some of this stuff, I wouldn't know it was her. At most, I'd probably say, that sort of sounds like Deborah Mailman but not exactly. 

50. Listened to an actress named Holly Austin.

This is fun.  

51. Listened to Linda Cropper.

She has a lovely voice—Spaceship Earth narration quality.  

52. Realized I recognized Melanie Vallejo.  

She played a villain on Packed to the Rafters

She's cute—appearance-wise and voice-wise. 

53. Listened to Felix Williamson portraying a dog. 

54. Went to Mark Constable's bio on the Sue Barnett website. 

He has a bachelor of economics.

He graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

He's done a lot of theater.

55. Felt a lot of affection for Aussie actors.

Acting is a dream job for many, but it doesn't seem to be an easy job.  I imagine it's very difficult to put yourself out there with the understanding that you might be rejected because of how you look, your size, your race, age, etc.  

I remember auditioning for that stupid thing at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. It was humiliating, degrading, and depressing.  Actors go through so many auditions! I admire their emotional strength. Well, hopefully some of their auditions will have better outcomes than mine did.  

Still. When we see actors wearing fancy clothes, attending fancy events, and dating overly hot other-actors, we should remember for every bit of glory, there are also many bits of rejection and humiliation.  

I'm glad some of them are willing to persevere, because I really love movies and television.  Without actors, it all might be a bit blah. 

56. Imagined that, besides auditioning and adjusting to loss in fame/work, the hardest part of acting would be laughing when not amused and keeping a straight face when your character is not supposed to be amused.

Really. I often hear talk about fake crying. Yeah. That's difficult, probably. But how the hell do they fake laugh?  

I wish I had that skill in real life. It would save me from some awkward, painful social moments.