Friday, July 4, 2008

A Patriotic Post

Today is the 4th of July--Independence Day.

If I was a good American, I'd be writing about the history of the USA today....not Australia.


Yesterday, I asked Tim if it would be wrong for me to wear our Australian flag t-shirt for the 4th of July dinner with my family. I mean it does have the right colors.

I started thinking about how I am so NOT patriotic. And the only time I feel patriotic is when I watch that movie The Patriot. But then I laughed because I realized that movie stars Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger.

I don't know why. That's just very funny to me....and ironic.


  1. Yep, I did a post somewhere with a few ripe quotes about patriotism, check it out

    It ain't just America which has that disease.

  2. I read a little of it before when I was stalking you.

    I need to go and read it more closer.

    But yeah...We have the "Love it or leave it" thing here.

    Al Franken, a comedian here, has a book out and talks about the difference between how Republicans (like your liberals) and Democrats (like your labor) love America.

    He says Rebublicans love America like a small child loves their mommy and daddy. America can do no wrong. And anyone who criticizes America is evil.

    Democrats love America, but see that is has room to grow and improve.

    I personally have no problem with flag/color type pride. I think that's fun. It's just when people get this idea that their country is THE best.

    That's annoying.

  3. Haha, but it's ok to think another country is best........

    just a joke buddy.

    and anyway, does this post mean you have stopped stalking me?

    I'm so disappointed, lol.

  4. No, I don't think Australia IS the best.

    I just love it the best.

    There's a difference ; )

    Of course I'm still stalking you. Just trying not to be so obvious about it.

  5. LOL
    So, did you wear the Aussie flag t-shirt?

  6. Thanks for the feed from my blog. Here's another couple to add to your list:
    David at rottobloggo

  7. HAHA!! Gidday, I think your blog is a laugh! Fun reading :)

  8. David,

    Thank you! I shall add those.


    Glad you enjoy it! Thanks for saying so. It means a lot to me!