Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Past, Present, and Future

I had a very positive thought.

If I lose interest in Australia, I can still keep the name of this blog.


Because it's in past tense.

The Girl Who WishED she was Australian vs. The Girl Who WishES She was Australian.


It works with present tense too though. Yesterday and last month I wished to be Australian. Today I wish to be Australian. Tomorrow I might not.

Actually....honestly. Today I'm just happy to be alive--whether that be as an Australian OR American. (don't ask)

But even if I change my mind and am fine just VISITING Australia, I can still keep this blog title and keep my integrity. Cause once upon a time, I did wish to be Australian.

My anniversary is coming up soon.

What anniversary?

The one of me becoming completely insanely obsessed with Australia.

I was mildly secret obsessed before that.

Then on August 16, I decided we should go to Australia and we bought tickets that night.

I should celebrate in some way.

Let's see....what could I do?

I know!

I could.....

1. Spend a huge chunk of my day emailing my friends in Australia
2. Read Australian blogs
3. Watch Australian TV shows
4. Look at websites about Australia.
5. Wear an Australia t-shirt.
6. Tell Tim how cool it would be if we moved there

Wait! I do that everyday.

I sometimes think our family should do something to celebrate Australia Day. But do we do that on January 25 while the Australians are celebrating Australia Day? Or do we do it on January 26?

I'm really not sure.

But just as we all tell our kids, when they ask the question that all kids ask at least once in their lives. EVERY day is kids day!

In this house....EVERY day is Australia day.


  1. Omigod, you are the silliest.

    I will assume we won't be actually making your obsession with Australia past tense yet-- at least not until your next visit is over, right?

  2. Still obsessed.

    So no worries.


  3. Ha ha.

    You should celebrate it on the 26th Jan, because that is what we do with other holidays.

    4th July and St. Patricks Day are two which spring to mind where people celebrate them on the date where they are, not the date in another place.

    You are right about the blog title, though I am sure as long as you are on here writing some interesting stuff nobody else probably minds what it is called.

  4. i hope sam kekovitch didn't put you off australia!
    perhaps you should try listening to triple j's hottest 100 on australia day. triple j radio station is available live:
    it is an australian tradition to have a bbq whilst listening on australia day. people call in from bbqs/parties across the nation.

    mr anonymous

  5. Mr. Anonymous:

    I was terribly offended by Kekovitch and am gathering my PETA troops so we can wage war against him and your country.

    No. I thought it was funny. I think I've seen it before. I don't know why. Oh, I think maybe one time I just plugged "Australia" into you-tube to see what I'd come up with.

    Tribog: I'll just celebrate it on both days. Actually, I'll probably be busy packing.

  6. glad to see how much u like aus. im from canberra which im sure u know is the captial NOT SYDNEY!! when in aus have u been?

  7. Wait?

    What? Sydney is not the capital?


    Why didn't anyone tell me????!!!

    Seriously....I did use to think Sydney was the capital--until a few years ago.

    Americans are naturally bad at geography. It's a genetic thing.

    They're TRYING to find a cure. Well, they WERE trying to find a cure, but they ran out of funds. All the money went to that war somewhere.

    Anyway, to answer your question...I was in Australia last December.

    We're returning in February and will be visiting Canberra.

  8. Go to YouTube and search for Adam Hills, he's one of the best Aussie comedians and the host of a music quiz show Spicks and Specks. ;)

  9. Why do you want to be an Australian SO very much?

    I am an Australian, born and raised in the real Australia (Country). I have since moved to Sydney (unfortunately) its definately something different here.

    Like an unknown world here.

    I am pretty over Australia, I would love to switch you places, although i'm not fond of America either, I would like to be a Norwegian by being granted citizenship.

    Could you tell me what you like about Australia so much?
    Maybe then I will realise how "lucky" I am to be here...

  10. Alphanuma,

    I guess we're kind of in the same boat.

    Maybe I can find a crazy Norwegian who wants to be an American. I'll trade with him. And then you trade with me. Then we'll all get what we want.

    Things I love about Australia:

    1. I like that there's hardly any people. It's virtually empty.

    2. I love Sydney. (sorry!) I love that you can be in this big exciting city and then take a bus to the beach.

    3. I love the wildlife--the animals. It fascinates me.

    4. I love the human history--the Aborigines surviving for 40+ thousand years. I love the convict history

    5. I love Sorry Day. I love how some white British people really screwed things up, but now their descendents are working to make things right.

    6. I love that their government is far from perfect, but it's not completely evil like the empire of George W. Bush.

    That's all I can think of for now.

  11. I enjoy your blog and extract enjoyment from your obsession.

  12. Tonch,

    Thank you : )

    I'm glad you like it.

  13. Jayne:

    Thank you! This will give me something fun to do.

    I watched his version of the National Anthem. Pretty cool stuff.

    Lots more to watch.

    I love all the stuff you suggest for me--am still reading Henry Lawson.