Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Girl-Crush

I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit that I have crushes on females.

My crush right now is Becky from McLeod's Daughters. I think she's so beautiful--breathtaking. I swear.  I'm sometimes moved to tears when she just appears onscreen.

I love her character.  She's had a difficult life, but she's so strong and caring.  I like that she's not a pushover.  She knows how to fight back.   I wish I could be more like her.  And maybe it's therapeutic for me to see her.  Maybe she can be a role model for me.

Becky has her own little theme song.   The music played in McLeod's Daughters, for the most part, comes from one singer.  Rebecca Lavelle.   She sings the show's theme song, but she also has a specific song for various storylines and characters. Anytime, an episode is centered around Becky, a song is played called "Don't Judge".

I love the song.

I wanted to download the song off of I-Tunes, but they don't have any Rebecca Lavelle songs.   Poo on them!

When I-Tunes doesn't have a song, I usually find a video on You-Tube that uses it. I tried to find a McLeod's Daughter's video that has it, but I couldn't find one. Instead, I found a Charmed video.

Funny because those three witchy girls are my other female crushes.


  1. I love Becky too. Her story line was one of my favorites. It's a little pricey but you can get the first 2 volumes of the Mcleods Daughters soundtrack here

  2. I saw the CD. I might get it someday.

    We'll see....

    Do you have it??

  3. I LOVE BECKY TOO! How can u not shes so strong but shes also a gentle person... if you get what i mean?
    DId u realise that the girl who plays Becky is actually the guy who plays Harry's daughter???

  4. Rinniez,

    LOL. I am thinking you might have made a mistake in your last line or I'm reading it wrong.

    Or MAYBE something happens in the later seasons and when I see it, this will all make sense.

    OR this could be an American/Aussie English language kind of thing.

    I do know that the actress who plays Becky is the real-life daughter of the man who plays Harry ; )

    I think you're spot on about Becky....strong, but gentle. And then also vulnerable in such a sweet way.

    Maybe I SHOULD be a lesbian--but only if Becky will have me.

  5. Hey, you. :)

    Piper is my girl crush.

    I love that video. I just started watching Charmed a few months ago, and am making my way through the DVD series. So far I'm midway through Season 2.

    That's a lovely song.

  6. Hi Jill!!

    I'm so glad you're here!!

    What have you been up to? I just checked your LJ. So....hiatus time.

    Are you still on Facebook?

    I like Piper, but am probably more of a Phoebe girl. I think Alyssa Milano is so beautiful.

    Glad you're watching Charmed. I really love that show.

  7. How come I can't find this show on TV? What channel-- I guess I could search this out on the internet, right?

  8. I think it's been off the air. It's on the Nine Network. I guess it was on hiatus for awhile.

    I think season 8 is coming out next week.

    I wonder if any channel has the reruns there?????

  9. I just had to come back and tell you that watching this video and hearing the song affected my dreams last night. I had this huge dream in which I was a witch who was reincarnated through the ages. Then there was a global nuclear war and all the witches were traveling to another dimension. It was a lot more complicated than that, but that's the gist of it.

    Anyway...thanks for that awesome dream.

    I also think Alyssa Milano is a beauty, and I love Phoebe. I think I like Piper so much because she is so sensitive.

  10. That really IS an awesome dream. I love crazy dreams like that--full of adventure.

    I never thought of Piper as sensitive. Interesting.....

    I guess that could describe her. I'm not sure what other word you could use.

    Maybe reactive? She doesn't just let things slide by.

    I like how she's tough and stands up for herself.

  11. Holy cow there is a lot of Becky love going on in this blog! Season 8 starts July 23rd in nine network. You can download episodes from the nine network website for 2 bucks each, or just wait until some nice person puts it up on you tube. I would totally pay for the episode but you have to have internet explorer and my mac hates anything that isn't safari or foxfire....and no I never bought the cd. But if I ever do I will burn you a copy, as long as I'm not selling you a ripped copy its still legal, right?

  12. Darcy,

    Becky AND Piper love.

    You're so sweet about the CD. If I ever buy it, I'll do the same for you.

    I wish they'd have it on I-Tunes!!! Maybe we should wait and see if that happens???

    I wonder if there's an Australian I-tunes or something like that where we could download it.

    When I first heard about McLeod's Daughters I went to the site and tried to download the episodes too. It didn't work for me either. And like you I have a mac.

    My husband and I said we're going to watch up to season 3 or 4 and then decide if we're going to continue.

    You've watched all the seasons, right? Do you think it's worth watching 6 and 7 or does it get really weird?

    I watched some of the episodes on you-tube and they seemed good. But they also seem a bit over-the-top now that I've watched the first season.

    I wish they didn't lose so many of the original characters.