Monday, July 14, 2008


That was my favorite sign in Australia.

I love the last line.

I was a bad girl and did swim alone.  Well, I wasn't totally alone. There were other swimmers and lifeguards there.  We were good tourists and always swam between the flags.

I didn't have a buddy/mate with me though.

I'm not sure how "alone" is defined on that sign.  Does it mean swimming where no other human being is present.  Or does it refer to swimming without a partner?

I'm guessing it's safer to swim with a partner.  But I'm wondering if it makes that much of a difference.  Couldn't we end up drowning together?  Or what if my partner is having too much fun and doesn't notice the undertow has stolen me away?

If you hadn't guessed yet, I did end up surviving.  I didn't drown.

I was lonely though.   There was another person swimming alone.  I had this huge urge to go up to him and say Hey!  Let's be swimmates.   I was a bit too shy for that though.

The worst thing that happened on that solo swim was I got way too much salt water up my nose.  Now I can truly say I understand why people use saline solution drops.   I got a major nasal cleansing.

Snot was pouring out of me as I walked back to our cabin. It was very embarrassing. But fortunately I don't think anyone noticed.

See though?  If I had swam with a buddy, they would have ended up seeing all the snot.  I would have probably traumatized them for life.