Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Lessons from Aussie Movies

I haven't seen a lot of Australian films; but two I have seen and loved are Opal Dream and Muriel's Wedding.    For me, both films carry valuable life lessons.

Opal Dream is a beautiful film set in Cooper Pedy--a mining town where most residents live underground.

Young Kellyann has an intense relationship with her two imaginary friends, "Pobby" and "Dingan". She insists her friends are real and for her, they ARE real.

The reactions of her family and townspeople range from ridicule to a store clerk providing Pobby and Dingan with their favorite lollipops.

When Pobby and Dingan go missing, the psychological and physical health of Kellyann deteriorates
For me, the film talks about belief and faith; but also about supporting other people's belief and faith--no matter how silly it may seem to us.

The film hints (or is at least open to the idea) that Pobby and Dingan are actually real.  Perhaps some kind of spiritual entity?

Jack has imaginary friends, but from what I gather he does not actually believe they're real. I think he understands that these characters are in his mind.   He doesn't seem to take them that serious.  It's a game--a stretch of the imagination.

But I do believe that some children interact with invisible entities that are real.  Maybe they see ghosts?  I don't know.  I'm guessing, though, that these children are rarely believed or taken seriously.

I am very spiritual and some of my beliefs might be seen as weird or blasphemous. I don't demand that people believe what I believe, but I do want respect.I don't want people trying to prove that what I believe isn't real. I don't want anyone to laugh at my beliefs.

I guess what I want is:

a) to be heard
b) for the possibility of my beliefs to be at least entertained.

For example, I believe I have some kind of spiritual connection to Australia.  I don't expect everyone to agree with that. But I want them to respect that I believe that; and I'd appreciate it if they considered it MIGHT be possible.

I'm fairly tolerant of most beliefs. In my opinion, I can't know everything.   What I think of as being silly and impossible could actually be real.   I also think the important thing about beliefs and faith is that it brings someone comfort.  If someone beliefs that there is no God and no metaphysical world; if they believe science is the only answer.....I say if this makes them feel comfortable, then good!    If someone believes they are elves reincarnated into human bodies,  good on them!

Okay.  Well, this took up more space than I thought.   I think I'll continue with Muriel's Wedding tomorrow.


To be continued.


  1. I feel like you climbed inside my brain and took my thoughts !!!

    I so get you.

    When we went looking for land to build our dream, the moment I stood on the property, 'something' happened. A connection.

    Here in NZ, Maori say the land does not belong to the people but people belong to the land.

  2. Widdle,

    Well, I didn't climb into your brain because I don't have that power yet. See, that's why I want to move to Australia. I believe as soon as I live there, I'll have the power to read minds!!!

    No, seriously. I love that Maori thought. I think it could be true--at least for some of us.

    Before I was very obsessed with Australia....I was mildly interested. I talked to my husband about one day going there, but felt it would be too hard. I had this sudden feeling though that one day we would live there--that it was our destiny.

    After we bought our plane tickets to visit there, I became obsessed with moving. I read all these migration websites. I promise I don't usually do that while planning a holiday to a place I've never been.

    When we were in Australia, I met this couple. The husband was Australian and the wife was Swedish. She told me the first time she came to Australia, she was in the Perth airport. Without leaving the airport, she called her mom and told her she wanted to live there one day. And she ended up doing so! She just immediately knew.

    I wonder WHY though. Why are you connected to your property? Why am I connected to Australia?

  3. Widdle Shamrock,

    Also....just realized. You are the first person in New Zealand to come to my blog!!!

    I just thought I'd tell you that ; )

    What part of NZ do you live in?

    We have a friend living there now--in Ashburton.

    Have you always lived in NZ?

  4. The Aborigines have a similar belief - that they belong to the land, not the other way around.
    It's like the spirit of the land reaches into a person and claims the soul for it's own, in a good way - not the evil possessed Exorcist-type way ;)

  5. Jayne,

    Well, hopefully I won't be barfing green pea soup into the face of priests.

    Seriously. I like the Aboriginal belief. I believe strongly in destiny. I feel as though life leads us in certain directions, although sometimes we never understand the reason why.

    This is the first time I've had such strong opposition towards what I feel is
    my destiny.

    I'm wondering if the opposition is there to make me feel stronger about what I want--appealing to my rebellious nature.

    Or is it an opposing forces kind of thing. Something wants me to go to Australia and the opposite something wants me to stay.

    So many possiblities. It makes my head spin.