Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chasing Coincidences

I'm somewhat embarrassed to be sharing all my Dina-is-weird stories with you guys.

I worry that people reading the blog will assume I'm some kind of New Age delusional freak. They'd probably be very right.

Oh well!   I am what I am.

After I posted the Manly story, I figured. Okay, unless something happens in the future, I'm done with the weird stuff. I have spilled it all. Nothing else weird happened.

But then someone said something in comments that made me remember more weird things.

I really thought the Julian McMahon dreams were trying to tell me something. I had no idea what.

In January 2005, I dreamed this:

I am in a parking lot looking for my car. I'm having a hard time. I start thinking to myself that I'd really love to see Julian McMahon, but that's not going to happen.

But when I finally find my car, he is standing there waiting for me. He's flirtatious, a bit sarcastic...he acts like he wants something. And he knows I'll give it to him. The first thing he wants is a ride home. And then he says something about me cooking dinner for him. I say how about you cook dinner for me. He says no, not this time. I have hash browns from some fast food restaurant and am planning to share. But next thing I know I've eaten all of it except a half of one piece.

If any of you understand the symbolism behind that, please tell me!

Anyway, a few days later I had plans with Jack to go to this certain shopping center. I had this butterflies in my stomach kind of feeling, but very positive. Excited and eager. For a shopping center. It was a bit odd because I'm not the type of girl who loves to shop.

When we got to the shopping center, I realized what was going on in my little head. This was the shopping center I had dreamed about. No, not a huge deal. It's not like I'd never seen the shopping center and then dreamed about it. I had been there before. I guess the dream just gave the idea of the rather mundane shopping center a little zing.

Who knows....

We went to Barnes and Noble. Jack and I looked around in the children's section. There was a psychology shelf right near there, so I took a peak. I found a book called Conscious Dreaming written by a guy named Robert Moss.

I thought it was weird that the book was there because this book is much more metaphysical/spiritual than psychological.  I'm guessing it was in the wrong place.  But that book-in-the-wrong-place led me to a whole obsession with spirituality and metaphysics.

I took it as a message from the universe. I was meant to find the book and my bizarre dream of being greedy with the hash browns was somehow connected.   How?  Why?   I have no idea.

I began to believe that the whole purpose of the too-frequent Julian McMahon dreams was to get me interested in dreams, spirituality, metaphysics, the occult.....whatever you want to call it.

I then read the Robert Moss book and found out that coincidentally he came from the same country as McMahon.

By reading Moss's book and other material, I learned about all kinds of crazy things: higher selves, astral travel, out of body experiences, etc.   It sounded very interesting and I wanted to know more.  I started to do online research. I found a website with writings by a guy named Robert Bruce. Guess where he lives?

You got it!

I joined a community on Livejournal called Astralsociety. Guess where it is based?

You got it!

I don't want to exaggerate the situation. I did read books that did NOT have a connection to Australia. I read stuff by Robert Monroe, Jane Roberts, and Brian Weiss. As far as I can remember, they had no Australian connections.

I did read stuff by the somewhat controversial American Mediums—Alison Dubois and John Edwards. I personally loved both their books, and I personally believe they're genuine. Their books gave me a lot of spiritual guidance and hope.

In both Dubois book and Edwards book, they talk about visiting Australia and loving it.

Australia. Australia. Australia.

In my spiritual quest, I was bombarded by Australia.

Have you ever read a book or a passage from a book that came at the perfect time? It's as if you felt the author was talking to you directly--as delusional as that sounds?

Well, I had been having a rough time with Jack on a holiday to Disney World. I was in extreme emotional despair. I felt hopeless and hated myself. I felt incredibly alone.

I read the last chapter of the Dubois book and it felt like someone was reading my mind. The book was like an angel when I needed it most. (yes, I know how corny that sounds).

In part of the last chapter, she talks about Sydney Harbor and how beautiful it is. She says something like It seems to come straight out of a child's dream. That phrase gave me total goosebumps. Yeah, I know she didn't mean it literally. But I had started to connect my past special childhood dream with Sydney Harbor. I don't know. It was weird.

Oh and another weird Sydney Harbor story:

In June 2006, I went to NYC by myself. My first holiday without Jack.

At the airport, when I stood in line to get a taxi, I was told to go to cab number 13. Usually, I don't remember the taxi numbers, but that one stood out.

I got to the hotel and was given a room on the 13th floor. And yeah that stood out to me--seeing that most hotels don't even have a 13th floor.

A few days later, I was walking in the West Village. When I got to West 13th street, I suddenly wondered if anything weird would happen here. Would the pattern of 13 continue?

It did.  A homeless man verbally attacked me. And I turned the corner to find a sign that mentioned words that have very personal spiritual significance for me.

I was all into signs-from-the-universe at this point and figured 13 had some kind of meaning for me.

Several days later, I was reading this book called Sista Chicks Down Under. It takes place in New Zealand. I suddenly thought of the 13 thing of NYC, and thought maybe I should pay attention to the thirteenth chapter of each book I read.

Maybe it would give me a message.

I turned to the 13th chapter and it was in this chapter that the "sista chicks" fly to Australia and visit Sydney Harbor.

I guess it would have been a bigger deal if the book wasn't even related to Oceania and suddenly Australia was mentioned in chapter thirteen.

But I like to believe my coincidences still have some kind of significance.

Maybe it's a message, but maybe it's a very simple message.

Maybe the powers-that-be were just trying to tell me that I would totally love Sydney Harbor and I should go there on a holiday one day.

They were right. I did end up loving Sydney Harbor. On our second day in Australia, I walked alone up to the Circular Quay area and saw the Opera House for the first time. I usually don't give a crap about famous monuments or architecture, but seeing the Opera House was one of the most thrilling moments of my life.


  1. I love all of those "coincidences". I think they were little signposts for you!

  2. Jamie,

    I love coincidences too : )

  3. Synchronicity is the universe telling you something ;)

  4. Jayne,

    I often feel like I'm playing charades with the universe.

    I just wish I was better at the game.

  5. Pay attention to the signs, the signs are our friends--
    one of my many mottos.

    I sometimes wonder if a "high difficulty" word verification is a sign that I should not post my comment-- like the one I'm looking at right now... I'll probably get it wrong.. let's see..

  6. Laura,

    I wonder that too...about the difficult word verification.

    Or if a comment or email gets lost...I sometimes wonder if it wasn't meant to be read.