Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Omens Observed By a Girl who's Paranoid and Delusional

Before, I tell you about the good omens....I need to get some business out of the way.

If you want to contact me in Australia, please email me and I shall give you my phone number.

I can also give you our tentative schedule and we can discuss getting together (if you're interested). I hope someone is interested..... Otherwise, I might feel a bit rejected. Well, no. I'll just hang out with this Ibisis. They'll love me. Right?

It actually costs us a lot of money to call out AND to get phone calls. So for the most part, we'll probably need to communicate via text messaging. But if it's a complicated thing, we can talk on the phone.

If you do email me, please tell me who you are!!!!! Especially if you've never emailed me before and/or your email address is very different from your blogging screenname.

Anyway, on to the good omen stuff.

I took a break from research today (which will be yesterday once you read this) because I wanted to buy some clothes for our Australian holiday. I went to Goodwill, and when I walked in Missy Higgin's song was playing on the radio. It's the first time I've heard it playing on the radio here. Although I must admit I don't listen to the radio that often.

I went to look for some books for Jack and I came across a book that said Dream Time. I figured it was a mirage.  There wouldn't really be a book about Australia. But it was! It's a collection of Australian short stories for American teenagers. The purpose is to introduce young Americans to Australian authors.

I didn't find a lot of clothes, but I found a few things that I really love.

Then I went to Half Price Books. I went to the Australia travel section just in case they might have something useful. They had a Time Out Sydney Book and it was only two years outdated. That's not bad for a used book store. I bought it because I figure it might be useful.

I went into the teacher section and they had a really cool book about Australia. It has facts and stuff.

I found a bunch of little chapter books for Jack to read on the plane, and some educational stuff we can work on. I found a workbook about Hawaii. We're going there on the way to Australia so I figured it would be useful to us.

I pretty much read only Australian books now. But I found the new Alison Dubois book that I've been wanting. I think I'm going to read it on the plane. Long airplane rides usually make me feel a bit demented; so I figure I could probably use some spiritual guidance.

I'm trying to figure out which other books to take. I have all these books lined up on my shelf. I'm very rigid and have a rule that I have to read the books in order. But I'm thinking I should relax the rule and just take fun easy reading. Yeah. I think that's what I'll do. Plus, the fun fiction stuff is less difficult to find. I don't covet it as much, so I can leave it behind in Australia.

I have my pile of books now. I'm going to take:

1. The Secret River by Kate Grenville
2. The Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney
3. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta
4. Toad Away by Morris Gleitzman
5. Have Courage Hazel Green by Odo Hirsh

It's kind of a big pile. Tim will probably kill me for overstuffing the luggage. Maybe I'll take out the Grenville book. It looks as bit heavy. I want LIGHT fun stuff. Although the book does look really good. I'll leave it out. And if there's room in the suitcase, I'll stick it back in.


  1. I was in the video store the other day and say PLAYING BEATIE BOW...reminded me to tell you- you should read/watch it! also...MY BRILLIANT CAREER and of course PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK and A FORTUNATE LIFE...these are all my favourites...

  2. mscherrylane,

    I have Playing Beatie Bow, but I don't have the other books yet. I especially want hanging rock!!

  3. You will probably find heaps of second hand Aussie books while you are here, even classics. See if you can get your son interested in The Magic Pudding.

  4. Andrew,

    I found SO many books last time we were in Australia. The funny thing is that though then I discovered Powell's in Oregon. I found more used Australian books there than I did in Australia. And it's much cheaper. Not only is the cost itself lower, but I don't have to stuff them in the suitcase or ship them via crazy high prices.

    I know I won't be able to stay away from the used bookstores though. I told myself I can go in...and I can buy a few books. But I'm going to try not to go crazy like last time.

    It's funny. I was actually thinking of The Magic Pudding today. I might look out for that one. I need to write about Lindsay one day. I heard he was quite an interesting character.

  5. Our kid's school has a huge mural of Possum magic painted down one hallway by the book's illustrator. It's gorgeous!


    I was very pleasantly surprised last night to pick up a new children's book called 'The World Of Grrym' to find that it's set in australia. I think my kids will really enjoy it.


    Have you read much Bryce Courtney?

    This is my favourite - http://www.brycecourtenay.com/book.asp?bid=24

    Will send you an email re your trip ;)

  6. Mistress B,

    I need to get some Mem Fox Books. To me, she's just the anti-daycare woman. I should probably learn about her actual writing career.

    The Danny Willis book looks really good. I love the illustrations.

    I heard about Courtney, but haven't read anything from him yet.

  7. When are you heading over Dina? I think my library would be safe from you, only beading and gardening books!

  8. Kyles,

    Lock up your library just in case...you never know.

    We'll be getting to Australia on February 3.

  9. I adore the Magic Pudding, when I read it to the kids I do all the voices and end up unable to speak because Bill Barnacle has a deep gravely voice and I don't LOL

    Norman Lindsay was indeed an interesting character, the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum in the Blue Mountains (at Faulconbridge) is well worth a visit if you get the chance.

  10. Mim,

    I don't think we're going to The Blue Mountains this time. But I'll definitely look out for his book!

    I've heard it mentioned so often. I would love to actually see it for myself.